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Twickenham MRC's O Gauge layout - Addison Road

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By following this thread, which was begun on October 19th 2009, you will be able to get the latest news of Twickenham & District MRC's ambititious new O gauge layout - ADDISON ROAD. Based on the West London Railway station now known as Kensington (Olympia) this model will allow the group to run a huge variety of steam era stock from many different railway companies and yet be true to the protoype.

As the layout develops, the group will post updates of progress
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It's now November 24th 2009 and much progress has been made..............

All five main scenic baseboards have been built off-site and are being delivered to the Clubroom this Saturday. One of the revolving fiddle yards ( the Southern one ) has been built and will be trial attached to the boards for the first time this weekend.

Away from the Clubroom the complex station approach pointwork is under construction - it includes a scissors crossover and a single slip - and work has begun on building the semaphore signals.

The group have made a promise to get the basic layout running for the Club's 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2011 - a big ask , but the group is pulling out all the stops to make it a reality!
Well, the weekend work session is over and progress has been seen to be made!

Some of the complex pointwork - scissors crossover with single slip - made its first appeaarance in the clubroom. It's being built off-site as a one piece unit on a 5ft long plank of wood. It turned up (part built) on Friday so that other Group members could admire it and it's gone back now to be completed by master pointwork builder Ewen.

Ewen normally works in EM but as we don't have an EM group he is working with our O gaugers at present....we're very lucky to have a member who just likes making pointwork - in any gauge! The facility to work in other scales and gauges - other than your normal one at home is one of the great attractions of joining a Club with a variety of layouts in various scales and gauges.

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Here are some more photos from the November 28th Saturday work day .. they show some of the team posing with one of their new lightweight boards and the second one is far more interesting as it shows the underside of the board and the leg arrangement. Notice how the trackplan is drawn on the underneath of the board so that any bracing does not interfere with tiebars/point motors - well that's the theory anyway!

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It's now February 5th 2010...........

Behind the scenes, Pat is building some of the LNWR style signals needed for the layout. The Club has a small workbench area and Pat can be found there most Fridays working away.

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The March 6th work day has just ended and during the day Ewen completed the most complicated piece of pointwork and delivered it to the tracklaying team.

To build this pointwork, and all other Addison Road pointwork, Ewen used printed paper templates produced using "TEMPLOT" a track design program for model railways.

POST SCRIPT - Since 2011 "TEMPLOT" has been available as a free download from

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It's now Good Friday 2010 and the group have set up the revolving fiddle yard turntables for the first time. You can see the turntable being set up in the photo, it hinges in the middle as it's nearly 10ft long and needs to fold down to 5ft for storage and transport. The fiddle yard pivots on the storage trolley as seen in the photo. The workmate is not normally stored/used on the baseboard! ... it's being used as a weight whilst the baseboard top is gluing

And here's a photo of the fiddle yard it its 'half way' position.................

You will have to imagine all the track laid and the stock waiting to be used on a running session!
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By the June 5th "WORK SATURDAY" much progress had been made and all the trackwork is now built and having insulators fitted ready to be laid.

In particular, much progress has been made with the revolving fiddle yards -

Steve looks on as Graham and John lay track on the first revolving fiddle yard board
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We've just had the June 26th work Saturday and progress is accelerating..............

All the track is laid in one fiddle yard and in the first photo pointwork and track are beginning to appear on the scenic section - note the full size trackplan glued to the underlay

The second photo shows more baseboards ( with underlay ) being erected in situ for the first time - note how the baseboard in the foreground is "off centre" - more of this in future posts ..............

And next Friday night at Club the group evaluates progress

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Hi Doug and others

Mid August saw a minor problem arise -

As you can see a fullsize trackplan is being glued to the underlay to make tracklaying easier, but somehow the latest sheet has gone on slightly crooked and the track is therefore not exactly parallel to the sides of the boards and whilst the deviation is only very slight, if it isn't corrected there won't be room for the station platforms further down the layout.

After some discussion a small section of straight track is to be lifted and relaid with a very slight curve so everything will line up again.

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August 20th and the minor error has been "sorted" and it's back to more tracklaying!

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The Club's latest all-day work session was on September 11th. This allowed the track-laying team to make good progress. This photo shows the approaches to Addison Road station from the South ... :-

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The Group gained a new leader at this year's AGM in early November with Grant Alderson ( the project's spiritual leader and father figure ) standing down to become Exhibition Manager for the Club's special 50th Anniversary Exhibition in May 2011.

In the last few weeks the group has completed 75% of track-laying, started fitting the (invisible) dropper wires and begun work on the (analogue) wiring diagrams ... albeit this will involve some hi-tech wiring techniques - more of this in a later post

By the Club's Xmas break far more track had been laid and this South facing mobile phone photo makes an interesting contrast to the September photo.... this photo more clearly shows the Southern (revolving ) fiddle yard................

Now with the camera turned through 180 degrees you can for the first time see the tracks going North into the new Northern (revolving) fiddle yard.

The four tracks heading North will include another double scissors crossover and a simple (trailing?) crossover approximately where the drill box is seen sitting on the fullsize trackplan. These points were misssed off the original trackplan but have now been re-instated to make the trackplan more authentic. Note the 3 way point and release road in the now complete bay platform trackwork...

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New group leader Peter Warren (right) is seen leading the team soldering dropper wires under the rails on a board with all the track laid on it

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It's now January 30th 2011 and things are accelerating away on the layout ... 99% of the track is now laid

Here are some of the latest photos............

Her is the trackwork looking North towards Willesden - note the bay platforms on the right .............

Turning the camera around, here is the trackwork from the station looking South towards Clapham Junction - note the bay platforms on the left..........

Here is our master pointwork builder (Ewen) supervisor tracklaying ................

and here is the leader of our N gauge tramway group (Eddie) working on Addison Road - one of the great advantages of being in a club is the ability to work in a variety of scales and gauges..............

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Just to prove that Ewen doesn't just build pointwork, here is Ewen's first attempt at 7mm loco building ( he normally models in EM! ) .... it's a Southern D1 ...

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Hello Peter

Nice to know that you're following this thread. No test running yet, but wiring is proceeding apace. Also we are starting work on the buildings. As part of the planning process we have produced some 3D mock ups - here is the full size mock up of the signal box...

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It's now early April and the group is working flat out to get the layout running for the Club's Golden Jubilee Exhibition.

In this first photo you can see the add-on front scenic boards - they taper slightly as you can see - these front secenic boards carry the down platform amongst other scenic features - the rear scenic add-on boards are much larger and carry many structures - the rea add-on boards will not be built for the exhibition as they would at that stage only be bare plywood

Note the bases for the point rodding - it will ALL have to go in eventually!

Members are being drafted in from many other groups in the Club to help with Addison Road. Here Eddie Chapman, the leader of the Club's N gauge tramway group, helps with the wiring. Note the neat point motors and the electronics for route selection....

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It's now only a month from the date of our Golden Jubilee exhibition and the pace of work is hotting up ........... nowhere more than on Ewen's workbench at home....

Here's his D1 0-4-2 we saw earlier - now painted - and lined - ON ONE SIDE AT LEAST!

Here's Ewen's new SECR brake van .............. we can assure you that it's painted and lettered on BOTH sides!

And just to prove that it's not just Ewen who's building stock............ here's Peter's LBSCR 0-6-0T

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