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Twickenham MRC's O Gauge layout - Addison Road

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By following this thread, which was begun on October 19th 2009, you will be able to get the latest news of Twickenham & District MRC's ambititious new O gauge layout - ADDISON ROAD. Based on the West London Railway station now known as Kensington (Olympia) this model will allow the group to run a huge variety of steam era stock from many different railway companies and yet be true to the protoype.

As the layout develops, the group will post updates of progress
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The van is booked! The track has been cleaned! Locos have been oiled!

Reading here we come!!

Yes, our first proper public exhibition is less than 72 hours away. ADDISON ROAD is being shown at the ALSRM show at Reading this Saturday and we would like YOU to come and say 'HELLO'.

In fact the layout is being shown as a 'work in progress' and if you like what you see why not join us? It doesn't matter if you don't live in Twickenham as one of our active group lives in Chicago, USA so distance from the clubroom is not an issue!

Seriously, our small band of modellers is always looking to recruit new members ... come and see us at Reading .... membership forms available!
Apologies for lack of postings, but we have struggled to upload photos since the Photobucket 'issue'.

Hopefully, now sorted, here is a recent photo ....

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Apologies for not posting as regularly as in the past - house move, full time job etc etc...………..

Anyway the layout goes from strength to strength and is getting invite to some of the best exhibitions in the country.

You can see the layout and meet the team in the relaxed atmosphere of TWICKENHAM MRC'S ANNUAL OPEN DAY on July 13th - see for full details

Meanwhile here is a recent photo....

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ADDISON ROAD is appearing in the BRM virtual exhibition being held this weekend July 04/05.

The standard of layout appearing is VERY high and so we are very honoured to have been invited.

Go onto the BRM website for full details of this amazing virtual event!
ADDISON ROAD had it's first running session since we re-opened, last Saturday. Here are some photos.

You would expect to to see this at ADDISON ROAD in the mid-1920's....

Train Vehicle Plant Window Rolling stock

And this .........

Train Vehicle Rolling stock Window Plant

Not so sure about this .......

Train Vehicle Automotive exterior Rolling stock Railway

What the XXXXXX?

Train Wheel Vehicle Rolling stock Motor vehicle

That's all for now, we'll be back soon with BIG news.

BTW that's not an A4, it's a W1 so they tell me!
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Superb modelling !
Apologies for not keeping you all updated with progress on ADDISON ROAD.

The BIG NEWS is that as this layout is 99.9% finished, TWICKENHAM & DISTRICT MRC's committee have given the group permission to build a new O gauge project to keep themselves busy whilst they exhibit AR around the country.

So, members of T&DMRC have the best of both world's - a new exciting project to get their teeth into whilst having a world-class existing layout to operate in the clubroom and around the country.

Contact [email protected] or telephone 01932 783253 to find out how YOU can be part of Twickenham & District MRC's 7mm scale future.
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Here's a photo from our recent exhibition debut at Farnham ....

Nice work reattaching pictures, I notice an elephant on the platform! Thank God it is not on the track!!!
That elephant did actually appear on the real ADDISON ROAD - it's not something we made-up! HONESTLY!

Remember, that ADDISON ROAD is now called KENSINGTON (OLYMPIA) and there used to be a regular circus at Olympia and the eleplant was used in a publicity photo back before WW2. It's totally authentic - the real elephant posed with the baby in the pram.
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Nice work reattaching pictures, I notice an elephant on the platform! Thank God it is not on the track!!!
See my reply above - thanks for your interest
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