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By following this thread you will get the latest news of Twickenham & District MRC's OO gauge layout NORTHWICK.

As of October 20th 2009 when this thread was started the layout was virtually complete and has regular running sessions in the clubroom - more details are to be found on the Northwick page of the Club's website

Group members will post news updates and photos as the layout progresses
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Recently one of the trees has been replaced on board 4.

Here is the tree before.

Here is the tree after.

What do you think? is it an improvement?

Last week saw some progress being made to the fields on board 4, since the extension there has been a large gap between the hedge that runs along the side of the road and the field boundaries that separate the scouts, horses and cows. this involved pulling up the fence that runs between the cows and horses and replacing it with a new one, whilst replacing this we decided to change the orientation of the fields so that the boundaries that separate them are not parallel with the board ends, the new boundaries will carry onto the other side of the railway track to make it look like the railway just cut straight through the existing larger fields and split them in to two smaller fields. Here are some pictures of the new field boundaries:

Here is a view from "the other side" (operators side) this view would not have worked before the scenic extensions to the front.

Also the newest item of rolling stock for Northwick was brought down, it is a Wickham type 27 trolley and trailer that has been built from a brass kit by Tim Thomas and was being returned to Steve Bolton for painting.

The wickham will hopfully be painted and ready for it to take up residence in the wickham hut for the next exhibition! (Aldershot 8&9th October)
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More progress was made with boards 3 & 4 last week. On board 4 the fencing was continued to the other side of the track, bushes were added to the existing fencing and the grass verges were added to the road sides.

On board 3 the issue of there being too much ballast around the tracks that lead to the turntable has been resolved by digging out the existing ballast and adding a far smaller amount and covered it with ash, whilst this was being done the opportunity was taken to cover up a few holes that had appeared in the ballast. We also added a small amount of static grass around the water crane to simulate weeds growing there.

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Stunning scenery - well done, you guys are 3-D artists..
QUOTE (reddo @ 1 Oct 2016, 10:05) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Stunning scenery - well done, you guys are 3-D artists..

Thank you for the compliment, there is still plenty of scenic work to be done on boards 3 & 4 (the finer details) along with the sceinic extensions on boards 1, 2 and the station board (the extensions will be done once we have attended the Wycrail Exhibition which is on the 5th November.)
Last friday more trees were replaced, all of these have been built by Tim Thomas. The first one to be replaced was the second tree that is in the field with the cows in, here is a picture of before and after.



This was then followed by some of the trees that go along the back of the layout, again here is a before and after shot



We have also added another tree to the layout, this one being in the corner of the field on the extension of board 3.

Here is a shot of the underside of the tree showing the apples (the apples look so luminous because of the flash on the camera)

Hedges were also added to the fence boundary between the field and engine yard.

The layout has now been packed up and is ready for its outing this weekend to the Farnham & District MRC exhibition which is being held at the Connaught leisure centre, hope to see you there.
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last weekend Northwick was at the Farnham Model railway exhibition, If you were there and saw the layout we hope you enjoyed seeing the progress with the extensions. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

There will be a video from the weekend to follow.

Our next exhibition will be Wycrail 2016 on the 5th November at Cressex Community School.
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2 weeks worth of work to report on this post.

With the extensions to boards 3&4 we are happy with how the join between the existing boards and the extension have so far been disguised, there is however one part that lets the side down which is the road as you can clearly see the join between the new road and the existing road. Here is a picture to show where the problem is.

The first job was to give the new road some texture as the existing road has got some fine ballast on it. This was achieved by grinding down some ballast that we had in stock to the same fineness and sprinkling it over the road and then sticking it down, a couple of layers of paint were then applied.

This was when we discovered that we had made a huge error, what we thought was ballast was in fact cat litter which is aiming to be used as a light weight ballast by another group within the club. The problem is (which wont come as a huge surprise) that the cat litter expands when it gets wet so we ended up with a lot of texture to the road! we picked off the worst of it whilst it was still wet and the rest was left to dry fully. We then returned the following Friday, got the layout out and started trying to think what the best way to move forward was. We found out whilst experimenting with other things that if you rubbed the road with your fingers then this broke down the cat litter and left a fine uneven texture to the road, the sort that we were aiming for!

It was then just a case of weathering in the new road to blend in with the existing road so the section which new road joins directly with the existing road was given a browny-grey colour to match the base colour of the existing road which slowly faded to the colour of the new road, this was then followed a mixture of browns, blacks and greys that were dry brushed on the road to give a more uneven colour. Below are some pictures of how the road looked like by the end of last Friday.

Let us know what you think of the road so far, do you think that it could be improved in any way?
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It has been a while since the last update and alot has happened since then. The first thing is that we attended the Wycrail exhibition, here are some pictures for the layout from then.

92220 "Evening Star" passes class mate 92192 in the engine yard.

Ex LMS patriot arrives with its train.

Trematon Castle arrives with a passenger train.

Ivatt class 4 43038 prepares to depart with a goods train.

Ex-LMS Class 4f sits in the engine shed whilst Standard 4 75027 passes having left the turntable.

Ex-Midland class 1f 41661 shunts the goods wagons

Ex-LMS Jinty 47482 was on station pilot duties.

Ivatt Class 4 43038 on its way to the turntable.

Sir Ironside passes ivatt class 4 43038 in the engine yard

Newly finished coaches also appeared on the layout (The 2 blood and custard ones) which are a Ex LMS articulated third open + third open, these have been built by Tim Thomas.

Now onto what has happened since the exhibition. As we are not going to another exhibition until April 2017 we have decided to do the extensions on boards 1&2 the base board extensions have now been fitted in the same way as boards 3&4 were.

Here is Board 2 once the extension has been fixed on (as you can see it is being load tested and just goes to show if there is a convenient place to put something then it will be put there!)

Next up was the extension for board 1, before the extension was applied the opportunity was taken to take some pictures of how the board currently looks as this will change quite drastically once the extension and scenic work has been done. Here are some pictures of how it currently looks.

Once the extensions have been applied.

Now for a brief description of what is planned for this board. The line taht currently serves the cattle dock will be pulled up along with the cattle dock, the line will then be replaced and will come out closer to the new edge of the board the new cattle dock with an end unloading ramp will then be put next to this line, this will open up the area that is currently between the cattle dock line and what is currently the brake van line. We are also thinking of moving the coal staithes and coal merchants hut so that the brake van line will continue up to the yard light, this will then become the new coal siding and the coal staithes and merchants hut will then be placed in the space between this line and the new cattle dock line. Here is a picture showing the rough location of the new cattle dock.

If any of this doesn't make sense or isn't clear then I will crate a diagram showing the old next to the new.
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A double update today due to me having issues with uploading the previous post

More progress was made last Friday, the first item to be done was the extension to the station board to be added on.

The plan for this board is to leave all of the buildings that are on the left of the picture where they are currently, but all of the buildings on the right of the picture will be uprooted and moved to the new edge of the board, this will then create enough room at the rear of the board for the road to curve round 90 degrees and disappear behind the houses (as the road currently terminates in a tree on the back scene), we may then add some new low relief terraced houses along the back to help disguise it further.

The next job was to start carving the polystyrene that was stuck to boards 1&2 last week, once this was done then the first layer of "gloup" (a mixture of art mache, vermiculite, brown paint and water) was added.

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Last friday the gloop mixture that was applied to the hill was sanded down, a second coat of gloop was then applied as the join between the existing scenics and the new was a bit obvious and a better result was achieved, unfortunately we forgot to take any pictures of this part.

Once we had applied the gloop we then moved onto marking out where the road at the front of the station board will be going (see picture below)

the road that branches off to the left of the picture will continue onto board 1 for a short distance before disappearing off the edge of the board, this then "joins up" with the road on board 3. just behind the slope on board 1 will be the toilets (which are being kept near the front so that people can still see inside it easily). In the gap on the station board between the pub and the road it is intended at the moment that there will be a small builders yard there, in the small triangle that is between the 2 roads will be a direction sign with various nearby villages on and to the right of the picture will be the terraced houses and shops that are currently there.
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The look of Northwick was changed quite drastically at the clubs last meeting of the year, with the hill that has recently been added to boards 2&1 receiving its static grass, here are some pictures of how it looks now.

Also the track that was for the existing cattle dock has been lifted and moved (temporarily at the moment) to where the new cattle dock will be going just to see if we could be lucky and not have to replace the existing track, which has almost turned out to be the case as all of it will be reusable apart from roughly the last 10cm which has got glue all over it from where the buffers were fitted to it, there are also dome damaged sleepers in this section.

Here is an end on shot which shows all of the bits together.

Also on the layout were some members recent acquisitions. The first one being Steve B's BR 18000 - the prototype mainline gas turbine-electric locomotive

The other one being Tim's LMS patriot class locomotive 5551 "The Unknown Warrior"

There will be further updates on Northwick between now and the 6th of January (when we next meet at the club) as we all have our own projects that we are doing for the layout to be getting on with.
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Its been a while since the last update but good progress was made with Northwick during the christmas break, mainly with the station/town board. Here is a picture of what it looked like before any work was started.

The first step was to remove the buildings to the right of the picture, there was a lot of concern within the group with the decision to move these buildings in that they may get severely damaged when they were taken off the board but they need to be moved to get it to look right. To our surprise when a flat-head screw driver was gently eased between the base board and the buildings they just popped off and no damage was caused at all! (to be honest they came off with such ease that it was amazing that they hadn't detached themselves already)

As the buildings are going to be set back a bit more the road will need to be widened, this meant that the existing one would have to be taken up, again using the flat-head screw driver it came up easily, this revealed that under the old road surface there was a void that would need filling in before the new road went down. The opportunity was also taken to pose the buildings in their new position, which shows the new space created at the back of the board where the road will curve off.

Once the buildings had been stuck down and the void filled with polystyrene it was then time to cut out the new back scene boards as the base board is now deeper and slightly wider than is was originally, the printed paper back scene will be stuck to them once we have finished the main work on the board so that we wont damage it. The new road was then laid out using card, as you can see at the back of the board it curves off.

Fine wet and dry sand paper was then stuck on top of the card and a new curb made from 2mm square plastic rod was stuck around the curve.

The plan is that eventually between the rear back scene and the road there will be a hotel. With the raised walkway that runs along the front of the houses on the right the decision was taken to continue it round the corner of the houses instead of having it finish as a dead end, so the basic framework has been made and fitted.

As the road is now wider it was looking too wide towards the rear of the baseboard so the current thinking is to have a section of the pavement (shown in the picture below by the piece of paper sitting on the road) jutting out into the road and form a sort of lay-bye outside the station for either taxis to wait or a small market to be held.

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Last friday was a running night for Northwick and it turned out that the theme for the night was Pullman coaches as that was pretty much all that was brought along to run behind the locomotives!

The first one being the "Northwick Belle" which was brought on by Ex LNER class A1 "North British" comprising of Daffodil Bar, The Hadrian Bar (1), Trianon Bar, New Century Bar, The Hadrian Bar (2) and a 12 wheel Brake 3rd Car No 95 (for the passengers to go once they have drunk too much)

Next to arrive was Ex SR Schools Class "Brighton" with another 6 Pullman (from the loco Fortuna, Rainbow, Phoenix, Myrtle, Leona & Car 79)

Next up was BR Standard & "Apollo" arriving with 5 more Pullman (Car 209, Minerva, Lady Dalziel, Car 248, Athene)

We then had an unusual visitor to haul the Northwick Bell off the layout, Having come all the way from the Isle of Sodor, Gordon - hauled the train to the next stop.

Also running was an Ex Caledonian Railway class 495 - 14672 which has been built from a kit by Cyril

At the end of the running night it was time to take all of the stock off so as there was 1 loco left on (Brighton) and we had heard that the Hornby schools class can haul a lot of coaches with out an issue we decided to see how many coaches it could haul in 1 go. So we set about assembling a train which ended up being the 17 Pullman that were in use during the evening, coupled up Brighton and gently applied the power the loco shifted the whole lot with ease and there was no sign of wheel-slip. Here are some pictures of the train before it set off.

A view from the front.

And then a view from the rear of the train.

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A bit of a large update this week as there is 2 weeks worth of work to report on.

After the running session 2 weeks ago it was time to start work on the new cattle dock siding.

First, the ballast still left from the original siding's alignment needed to be cleared.

An initial test of the new alignment highlighted an adverse camber. This was alleviated with some plasticard.

And finally the new cattle dock was test fitted in it's proposed location

The new weigh bridge that is currently being built by Steve B was also brought down and placed in its new proposed position.

Last Friday's work mainly centered around getting the board ready for the red desert to disappear this coming Friday.

The first job was to move the goods yard toilet from its current position.

To its new position, which was chosen as it keeps it near the front so that everyone can still see bob reading his newspaper.

The next task was to fix down and connect the new track work, it had been hoped that we could reuse the old track for the siding and just move it over unfortunately this was not the case, so we have replaced the damaged section with new track. This was then followed by the cattle dock being fixed down and load tested to make sure it can handle the livestock!

(real reason is if you look at the picture earlier in this post the dock has a slight warp in it so weight was added whilst the glue set)

Finaly the last job was to fill in the gap between the old and new baseboards, this was done by using the vermiculite mixture that we have used else where on the layout.

So the board may not look too different to how it did last week but it will hopefully change quite a bit for next weeks update.
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Great pics, enjoyed them a lot but your Caledonian 4-6-0 actually looks like a Great Central class 8 (B4 in LNER money) otherwise known as a fish engine except for the crank splasher on the main driving wheels. The Coca-Cola storage tanks in the last shot look like an original idea.
Last Friday saw the last of the red desert on board 1 as the ballast was added to the goods yard.

whilst the ballast was still wet the first layer of weathering was added which was a layer of ash (collected form the remains of scouts bonfire), that was then dried and then sieved before being added to the layout. here is the board after the ash.

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QUOTE (kristopher1805 @ 2 Feb 2017, 19:21) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Great pics, enjoyed them a lot but your Caledonian 4-6-0 actually looks like a Great Central class 8 (B4 in LNER money) otherwise known as a fish engine except for the crank splasher on the main driving wheels. The Coca-Cola storage tanks in the last shot look like an original idea.

Thanks for the comments on the pictures, glad you like them.

Having checked with Cyril (the person that built the kit) I can confirm that this loco is an Ex Caledonian Railway class 495 he showed me a picture of the one he based the model off of, but having also looked at a picture of a great central class 8 I have to say that they do look very similar.
2 weeks ago we had a running session and the theme for this one was DMU's

2 GWR railcars and a class 153 are stored in the reception sidings while a Grand Central HST delivers it's passengers.

The Grand Central HST awaits the return of it's passengers.

A Derby Lightweight 2 car unit arrives into the bay platform while the Grand Central HST awaits the 'off'

The class 153 waits for the next turn in the goods yard headshunt.

2 GWR railcars are stored in the engine shed.

A Class 350 on test from Eastgate and Ammanford Junction arrived while a Park Royal Railbus awaits its departure in front of the Derby Lightweight, Grand Central HST is also ready to depart

The resident Wickham trolley got in on the action.

A 3 car Metropolitan Cammell Class 101 arrived and was parked in the new cattle dock.

A 2 car class 117 arrived and was stored in the turntable siding

The class 101 was joined by a class 128 DPU in the Brake Van siding while a 2 car power twin class 105 in the goods siding.

Another GWR railcar arrived and was parked in the station pilot's siding.

And another GWR railcar was parked in the refuge siding while the class 117 awaits a space in the station.

A 3 car Class 104 (Calder Valley unit arrived).

A 3 car class 108 arrived towing a parcels van.

The class 128 DPU was moved to the cattle dock after the 101 was moved.

The Grand Central HST passes the scout's camp en route back to the North East.

All too soon it was time to pack up and go home. So what better way to clear the decks than create a Mega DMU.

Here is a link to the video of the mega DMU leaving Northwick

It wasn't all play, however. The new station hotel was test fitted in front of the new corner in the town scene.
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Having had a running session the previous week we turned back to working on the layout, the plan had been to start to blend the new part of the yard in with the old. This did not quite gone to plan as we found out that when we put the layout up the coal merchant would have some difficulty in getting in his hut.

Obviously not all of the ballast had stuck and some of it had worked loose so we found on closer inspection that there were 2 areas that hadn't stuck properly so these were pulled up and relaid and whilst we were at it we decided to put another layer of glue over the rest just make sure we hadn't missed any more bits.

Having redone the ballast we added a new layer of ash to start to blend it in, this is when we discovered that we were beginning to running out of our existing stash of ash so needed to get some more. The scouts at the hall that the club uses must have known about this as when we went to get some more from the remains of their bonfire (our usual supply) we discovered that instead of it being as wet slurry (it had been raining recently) it was dry and still warm from where they had had a fire earlier in the day! so no need to dry it out - we just had to make sure that we didn't collect any of the bits that were still glowing.

The next job tackled was to fix the fencing for the cattle dock and end unloading area, here are a couple of pictures of it with some cattle wagons and lowmac posed in the siding (the white staining on the fencing is from the catalyst for the glue reacting to the paint and will be painted over)

After this the dirt track way in the field was tackled as the grass going down the middle was too wide for the land rover's wheel base

This was narrowed by gently scraping at the grass with a scalpel blade.

Then the dirt (collected from the garden) was added.

It was then time to have a look at the station board, having had another look at the hotel we decided that it looked too small compared to the houses that rise up towards the back of the board. So we decided to rebuild the hotel but add an extra floor to it to see if that would help. Here's a before and after shot



We are happy with the result so are going to proceed with building the bigger of the 2 hotels which is being built by Tim.

We also tried out the idea we had for the office for the timber yard that will be going on the front of the board, which is going to be a grounded wagon body, here's a picture showing one in place along with a lorry to see if it will work in the space available, the white section is where the road will be going.

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