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Two prototypes of interest to railway modellers

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Where a lot of our models started out from:

The Triang Railway (Rovex Scale Models) factory seen in July 1963 while in a coach returning from the 6th Form outing to Margate. Grabbed very hastely with a 2.25 inch square (120 film size) camera - one of the last films I shot in this format before moving over to 35mm.

And perhaps this would make an unusual bookshelf model?

The photo was taken on the same July 1963 outing as the one above. This was a narrow gauge electric railway (2ft?) with tram-style overhead pickup which ran through an old railway tunnel. This tunnel had been built for standard gauge trains virtually from the beach at Ramsgate up to a mainline. No doubt the two or three Forum members who know that part of the world will fill out the details for us.

John Webb
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yep thats hornby headquarters in margate !!! The railway was in ramsgate and ran through what every one used to cal the wind tunnels - dunno why thats just what people said..................

Thanks for the nostalgic pictures.

Kind regards

QUOTE (John Webb @ 24 Feb 2009, 23:20) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Where a lot of our models started out from:

And apart from the warehouse added on the left, oh and the name change it still looks the same.

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Just to add that virtually the only thing missing from the Triang factory photo is all the cars parked outside ! There's a few details like the signage being different, but that's about it.

You can still make out where the tunnel is on Ramsgate seafront. There always was a minor gale blowing through the "Tunnel Railway".
I suspect we were returning home quite late in the day, so perhaps most people had already gone home from the Triang factory leaving it clear of cars?
And have you noted the two lads and their machines? No helmets, no leather jackets....

Hi John,

Life was far less hectic in those days - these days full protective kit is essential. Just looked at the photo again - the grass verge is much narrower now on the Hornby side as it's used for car parking - it also appears to be a private road where the motorclyists are now.
QUOTE (Brian Considine @ 25 Feb 2009, 12:24) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>it also appears to be a private road where the motorclyists are now.

It was always a private road - it just got used as a rat run when they put the traffic lights up, hence the barriers that now keep it shut.

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