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Two Sister's Farm

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The layout was built to 1/32 scale as a competition entry that must not exceed four square feet. The actual baseboard measures 38 inches x 15 inches and the fiddle yard is 24 inches long and 8 inches wide. The whole thing then sits on an ironing board.

The track plan is very simple and is supposed to be a terminus on a large farm estate railway in Lincolnshire. The track is code 100 with about a third of the sleepers removed and re-spaced to give a more rustic appearance. The points are Peco setrack which take up very little room. Point control is by wire in tube.
At this stage I lightly pinned down the track and thoroughly tested it with a Bachmann ON30 0-4-2 Porter and an 0-4-0 Davenport.
When I was happy I ballasted and started to add layers of ground foam, I like to build the ground cover up a bit at a time.
The picture showing the early stages.

Peter M
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Two Sister's Farm will be appearing at

Hemel Hempstead Model Railway Exhibition on Saturday 25th October

From 10:30am until 4:30pm

Leverstock Green Village Hall, Leverstock Green Road,

Hemel Hempstead, HP3 8QG,

Admission: Adults £4.00, accompanied children are free.
There is free parking around the Village Hall and refreshments are available.

Butlers Gate Crossing
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Summer in 1960's Northamptonshire N scale
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Tower Pier
Working signal box operation in 1955 London EM scale
Two Sisters Farm
Agricultural estate railway in 1950's Lincolnshire 1/32 scale

I am always pleased to let anyone interested to have a drive, I need all the help I can get with a big layout.

Peter M
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I did the Hemel Hempsted show on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed it, the weather was good with a steady flow of visitors all day. There was a selection of different layouts in various scale so there was something for everyone to enjoy.
I didn't take my camera but I took a few pictures of the layout on the Friday before the show while checking it all worked, before loading it in the car.

I noticed that like most exhibitions these days nearly all the exhibitors were men of of more mature years.
Although I though the best layout at the show was built by two young men in their early twenties.

Peter M
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I have now fully Anglicised the little Porter and took a few pictures recently of it at work in the yard.

Peter M
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The quad has always been popular with the public at exhibitions and it's a bit of a favourite of mine too. So one morning last week I set the layout up and had an operating session.
Now I have a decent camera taking pictures has become an enjoyable part of the session.

A few pictures of the quad shuffling wagons around the yard late one afternoon.

Peter M
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A few photos taken while checking the layout over prior to an exhibition. They were taken in our conservatory which is ideal as it gives a bright all round light. With a small layout like this now that I have a decent camera taking pictures adds another dimension to modelling.

Peter M
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