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Two Tunnels

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Over the past 20 years I have had a few loft based layouts for the kids ..
and have painted roads etc and put Hornby buildings up but have never had a go at putting scenery down on a layout and as my main layout is no more ( being re planned ) I decided I needed a section of track to test loco's on and something to have a go at scenery on so off I went to see what bits I had that I was not going to use on my main layout and this is what I came up with I still have quite a bit to finish off :-

View attachment 2702

View attachment 2703

Used some old loft foam for this :-

View attachment 2704

View attachment 2705

View attachment 2706

View attachment 2707

View attachment 2708

Got this from Hattons cheap...

View attachment 2709

This stuff is realy good and fast to use :)

View attachment 2710

Messed about with paint and artex to try and get a rough mud looking paint....

View attachment 2711 View attachment 2712

Used scatter as a base then put some long grass on later

View attachment 2713

Thes are from wills I thought they might add something ...

View attachment 2714

Old Hornby Fence needs weathering

View attachment 2715

Found these in a box so stuck them together

View attachment 2716

I have seen this as some of the shows ive been to so thought I would add some and see what it looked like

View attachment 2717

View attachment 2718

View attachment 2719

View attachment 2720

Just wanted to see what it would look like with a loco on it :)

View attachment 2721

I added a back scene

View attachment 2722

Trees are from evil bay and dont look to bad for cheap ones...

I need to finish off a few bits and have a go at weathering next :)
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Not had much time to do a lot to this but I have added some detail to the tunnel's and put a base rst color on the rails ready for weathering.....
That's looking really good. I like the tunnel entrances, nicely done.
Looks fantastic, great work. Well done.
Thanks for the comments guys. I'm hopeing to add a bit more detail then weather the track as I've had a go on a few sample bits and I think I'm ready to take the plunge.
Grand bit of work and love that tunnel entrance
look forward to seeing more.

cheers rab.
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As im now a pro with a spray gun ( Not... ) I decided to do something with the trees I had, they came from ebay ( china ) and when they arrived they where bright green so i decided to spary them darker and this is how they came out :-
That's definitely an improvement

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A lovely thread and a great job, I always enjoy the scenery angle to layouts.

I'm hoping to start something similar in the next few months and have been using this layout as a source of ideas:

But to show how well building up detail works -

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Thanks for the link Tunnel Vision.... Some very nice detail there way beyond me I think :)
Some very nice work there.

QUOTE (frame69 @ 30 Jan 2012, 10:52) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Some very nice work there.


Agree very much Andy with you especially the long grass on the embankments
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Thanks for the feedback guys, I'll be working on weathering the track next week and adding some lines.
I have some how managed to delete the Album that these photos where in so im just trying to work out if i can restore the links but in the mean time I have restored the Album so you can click on the Gallery link under my name to see the photos.

Sorry ( note to self ... pay more attention )

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Anthony566, Having followed your topic. you are now invited to start and complete,my 16.ft long 10in high
cliffs, that I require for my layout....Meals provided, only if you can complete in a day .....
I really like what you have done....

Here is the real ponder on......

Copyright...Andy Howard......
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Hi David,

The thought of spending a week in Dover is very very appealing as I only get close to there when heading to France :-( and looking at the photo now that im a pro... Not
) im sure we could get the bones of this up in a week

Thanks for the positive feedback it really does help shame I've messed the thread up by deleting the photos.... what a noob i am
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Please..DOn't mention FRANCE in any postings The Fannit Guys will pick it up and dismember......

You could always ask one of the MODS to delete,for you if/when they have the time.....

A week..with the snow and all, You'd have to survive off the self heating packets of ALL DAY BREAKFAST's I have in the storeroom......
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Oh I forgot about the F word... Ill try not to do it again, as for the all day breakfast's are they the boil in the bag ones ? :)
right ive added all of the images back to the Album that i removed but the only way i can see to get them back in the post is to attach them again so here goes...


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QUOTE (Anthony566 @ 6 Feb 2012, 17:38) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>right ive added all of the images back to the Album that i removed but the only way i can see to get them back in the post is to attach them again so here goes...

Exactly the reason I use an external blog on my own website and link to that rather than putting images in posts etc. I stay in control of the technology!!
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