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Two Tunnels

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Over the past 20 years I have had a few loft based layouts for the kids ..
and have painted roads etc and put Hornby buildings up but have never had a go at putting scenery down on a layout and as my main layout is no more ( being re planned ) I decided I needed a section of track to test loco's on and something to have a go at scenery on so off I went to see what bits I had that I was not going to use on my main layout and this is what I came up with I still have quite a bit to finish off :-

View attachment 2702

View attachment 2703

Used some old loft foam for this :-

View attachment 2704

View attachment 2705

View attachment 2706

View attachment 2707

View attachment 2708

Got this from Hattons cheap...

View attachment 2709

This stuff is realy good and fast to use :)

View attachment 2710

Messed about with paint and artex to try and get a rough mud looking paint....

View attachment 2711 View attachment 2712

Used scatter as a base then put some long grass on later

View attachment 2713

Thes are from wills I thought they might add something ...

View attachment 2714

Old Hornby Fence needs weathering

View attachment 2715

Found these in a box so stuck them together

View attachment 2716

I have seen this as some of the shows ive been to so thought I would add some and see what it looked like

View attachment 2717

View attachment 2718

View attachment 2719

View attachment 2720

Just wanted to see what it would look like with a loco on it :)

View attachment 2721

I added a back scene

View attachment 2722

Trees are from evil bay and dont look to bad for cheap ones...

I need to finish off a few bits and have a go at weathering next :)
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Hi I have tried pushing in the plug half way still the same.
QUOTE Hi I have tried pushing in the plug half way still the same.

Had a girlfriend once who complained about that.

Hair curler just wouldn't work ........

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