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UK model shops that sell American Diesel Loco's

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Hi all,

Long time no see!

Anyway, I have recently bought a couple of American Loco's and it has made me realise how little I know about these engines and how and where can I buy any in the future (ebay etc notwithstanding).

Also does anyone know if there are UK shops that keep spares for Kato HO models of American diesel locomotives?

Thanks in advance.
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There are a lot of other makes of US locos and stock - probably the best way to get an overview of what is available is to look at at
Also use the store locator with searches for England and United Kingdom etc to find stockists - oddly it does not give link to their web sites but a google search on the store name should come up with it i.e.,,
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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