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UK model shops that sell American Diesel Loco's

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Hi all,

Long time no see!

Anyway, I have recently bought a couple of American Loco's and it has made me realise how little I know about these engines and how and where can I buy any in the future (ebay etc notwithstanding).

Also does anyone know if there are UK shops that keep spares for Kato HO models of American diesel locomotives?

Thanks in advance.
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Hi all,

Many thanks for all the very helpful replies. I didn't get one notification though which surprises me because the notification box was ticked and the strangest of things is that all your replies are put into one box together as just web links! wow, I have been away a long time....

Anyway, fantastic and very helpful replies. I will reply individually tomorrow as I have to get to bed now as I am up stupid o'clock for work in the morning.

Cheers everyone
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QUOTE (butler-henderson @ 9 Feb 2021, 10:22) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>There are a lot of other makes of US locos and stock - probably the best way to get an overview of what is available is to look at at
Also use the store locator with searches for England and United Kingdom etc to find stockists - oddly it does not give link to their web sites but a google search on the store name should come up with it i.e.,,

Many thanks
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QUOTE (dwb @ 9 Feb 2021, 16:40) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Butler Henderson has jogged my memory re Gaugemaster so I went to see if they have a Kato Spares section and they do -
If they don't list the part you want and you don't find anyone else in the UK with a better offer, I would drop them a line to see if they can order the part you are looking for.
They are doing something similar for me for some Roco spares which aren't listed on their website.


Hi David,

Many thanks for the link although it seems they tend to keep a lot more N gauge spares than HO! I have in fact been able to repair the bogie sideframes so don't need a part now but it is good to know where I can go to try and find one.

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QUOTE (Bear 1923 @ 10 Feb 2021, 12:15) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

What is your interest in US locos? Collecting for display or running?

Do you want analogue or DCC? As with UK more recent models can be non DCC, DCC ready, or DCC. I don't know anything about plugs or chips. Sound/DCC was earlier in the US.

Non DCC locos of different makes run at different rates - effectively they are not speed compatible.

I have not bought for years but I think that the following is a sound, broad guide.

model makes to look for are mainly - Atlas, Kato, Proto 2000 (and 1,000 - lower quality). Then Walthers, a little Rocco (in my experience) - Then there's various brass - brass is usually older, often very detailed - and expensive,
As with UK locos there are different generations of production.

Depending on what you want to do you might well (aka "should") try to build up some knowledge of US practice - different loco generations and builders - and then the complexity of different railroads at different dates..

Hope this helps.

Both, but only what I like the look of and mainly BNSF. I am the complete opposite of a rivet counter I'm afraid as I just run what I want when I want to on my layout

Mainly DCC, I am already converting a NYC F1a from DC to DCC

I have some Kato and a Proto 2000 loco's

TBH, I'm not too bothered about the American history but do want to keep to a limited number and liveries of loco's although I do know that BNSF is the largest Railroad in the North of America with around 8000 loco's and 42,000 employees!!

Many thanks it has
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QUOTE (Julian2011 @ 11 Feb 2021, 14:46) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I have a very few modern US Locos, which are from three different companies, Bachmann, Walthers, both EMD SD70AC and Mainline Broadway, GE ES44AC. Bachmann was from Bristol based Modelmania, at the Calne Model railway show. Both UPs were purchased from Model Junction in Slough, but I'm sure other similar outlets would be just as people have recommended them. The Bachmann is the Green Heritage and comes with lights, and sound fitted, as do the two UP ones. The Broadway also has smoke, which is adjusted to match the throttle.

All quite crisp mouldings, Bachman, good, Walthers, better and Broadway, best.
Added detail, Walthers least, Bachmann, better and Broadway, best, by a long way.
Sound, Bachmann basic, Walthers, better and Broadway best {Works equally with DCC or DC, with added "Rolling Thunder", adding ground thundering, through a big speaker, not included, under the layout}.
All run well, but again the Broadway has just that bit smoother and creeps slower.
Prices, Bachmann, least, Walthers, a small margin more and Broadway, most, but not an Antiques Show margin...

Hope that might be of some assistance.

Regards to all

Lovely looking loco's Julian
I do like the EMD SD70AC's if I'm honest although the Mainline Broadway is a real stunner with it's detailing.

Thanks for all the advice and comparisons. Would love to see them run on your garden railway at some point! I am a subscriber to your channel mate
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