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TGV in N gauge

The original TGV Sud-Est in orange was made by three people: Kato, Lima/Arnold and Bachmann. The only one worth having is the Kato version which is highly accurate and well made, although not up to the standards of the latest European models. Alas it has no flywheels but Kato did an expansion set so it can be full length at 10 cars.

Kato then did a TGV Sud-Est in new blue/grey but not the expansion set (but Wabu? did I think). I think Arnold did it also (but not as well) but the set only had four cars so one would have to buy an extra six individual cars to make it full length.

More recently Kato has done the Thalys with flyweel and also the Spanish Euromed and AVE TGV-clones (all 10 car sets). They look good but I haven't seen them close up (since I model Switzerland/Austria).

In 2007 Kato announced the TGV POS silver/blue 10 car (1071200) set which I'm sure will be great. (but again I won't see in CH or A!)

There are often TGVs on or .fr or .de (which is were I got mine).

Also the original Kato TGV has lots of space inside the driving/dummy trailers for DCC wiring if desired. (Good for adding flywheel simulation with a very fat capacitor...)

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