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QUOTE My early thoughts are to loosely base the layout on a design by Cyril Freezer from his "Model Railway design manual" (which really is a great book for all levels of modeller). I am thinking about adapting layout number 13 (Pg 144) by adding a medium sized steam depot and a continuous run as sometimes its nice to just watch!

Good man CJF and rightly held in high esteem. Have you considered modular, you must have a reasonable space. Consider the following advantages.

The 00 association is currently finalising modular standards according to their web site:
Double O association
Modular Standards

for further reference try the following:
PMT modular standards
20's & 30's modular

there are plenty more. The principle adantages being:
once a standard is established, modules can easily be joined together, for club or even national meetings.
modules are portable, and more importantly internchangeable so you could change the arrangement of your layout at anytime in the future. Modules are idea for DCC. A layout need never be scrapped. If like me you have suffered from loosing a large layout with many thousands of hours spend on building this is going to appeal to you. More to follow:
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