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Under baseboard storage!

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After a few too many years struggling in the roof space I have finally admitted that there simply isn't enough height. A friend of mine who is a professional builder is half way through building a big insulated shed for my next layout. The layout will be built on insulation board as I have plenty spare after some building work done a few years back. The layout design is still at the early stages as I struggle to truly imagine anything in a space that as yet doesn't exist! My early thoughts are to loosely base the layout on a design by Cyril Freezer from his "Model Railway design manual" (which really is a great book for all levels of modeller). I am thinking about adapting layout number 13 (Pg 144) by adding a medium sized steam depot and a continuous run as sometimes its nice to just watch!

Anyway, my question!

What do people use for storage below their baseboards? I like the thought of shelving and drawer units that are the right height for the layout to be built on top of and are also not too expensive. Any thoughts?

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something on wheels so you can easily trundle it out the way when you need to get at the underside of the baseboard for repairs etc, or to hoover out the inevitable spiders etc.
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