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We have talked about this a few times before. I think that it is interesting that warrants apply to a particular version of firmware.

It is obvious that some brands are using a warrant for a past product or similar to justify claiming conformance for current new products.

It brings into debate why do we need the NMRA - is it more trouble than it's worth... But if I may answer my own question with one point, Hornby for one would be quite happy not to have anything to do with the NMRA (they have said this openly) and as with the Scalextric digital system which is proprietary to them and not compatible to any other digital slot car brand, I'm sure that they would be just as happy doing their own version of DCC were it not for the masses of DCC users who demand some sort of conformity.

I'm amazed that Bachmann have said that ESU are able to self certify and that explains why there is no warrant listed under Bachmann for the Dynamis, but then they go on to say that they are working now to get one...
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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