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Union Mills Models

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Anyone have any experience of Union Mills Models of the IoM? They have an ad in December RM listing an impressive list of RTR models inc T9 and S&D 7F at not unreasonable prices! Could it be that a RTR T9 is available in N before the long awaited Hornby OO model?
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Hi Barry

I have a fair number including LNER Classes J11, J26, J39, B12, D20, LMS 3F and LMS 2P tender locos, an ex LNWR "Super D" 0-8-0. They are diecast metal and very heavy, level of detail not quite up to latest Bachmann or Dapol offerings but they are well (if plainly) finished and superb runners with phenomenal haulage capacity. I once had my J26 pulling 28 coaches, it would have taken more - I had no room left!

The T9 is out now I believe in unlined BR black or SR black.

As I mentioned in a previous posting I think it is the wide cab variant and it is coupled to the 6 wheel rather than a "Watercart" tender.

I am very satisfied with UM locos, I have never had a single failure or duff one.

No connection just a satisfied customer.

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Sorry, meant to add, the UM 7F is the Fowler 0-8-0 "Austin Seven" rather than the S&D one.

It's just a pity they (or should I say 'he' as it's a one man business) don't do any GWR locos as, by all reports, UM locos have prodigious pulling power due to their weight. Maybe one day !
QUOTE don't do any GWR locos

Trevor now you know how we Southern steam fans felt in OO until recently!

Thanks for positive feedback Roy.
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Hi Folks,

I have had the pleasure of running a couple of these through a friend of mine, They sure did run well and looked the part.

I have DCC my layout and tried to run a new loco he had but it just kept on shorting the controller.

On the ubject of DCC I doubt there is much space in the tender or Body of these to enable swift conversion.

Does anyone have experience of stick a decode in one yet and how would you recommend installation.


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