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Unnamed layout.... you'll see why.

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This layout thread will be 2 fold.

1.) My small layout to practise on.

2.) My large layout that has not and can not be started just yet!

The first layout, as posted in the newbie forum I have build this small layout to have a practice on in my office........

... this will remain unnamed and probably dismantled eventually however I will post progress photos as and when things happen.

This layout is all hornby 00 track but as I say it is a practice layout and as I had most of the hornby track left over from childhood trainsets it mad sense to use it for this pupose.

Eventually the layout of my dreams
will be built in the loft here.....

... however I have to finish the party wall (don't want my skanky neighbours getting at my stuff!) and get more of it boarded out before I can start to build base boards.

So, watch this space!

Planned jobs for this weekend.....

1.) Replace side panel (currently has a hole in it due to previous plans to have a small hidden fiddle yard).
2.) Paint everything a colour (fed up of seeing wood now!)
3.) Build party wall in loft (this is obviously prep work)
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Watching this space with bated breath!
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Id suggest ballasting the track would be a good start on the small layout. As for the supporting beams in your loft, You could build the base board below this then hide them in a Hill, running the track beneath them through tunnels. This would also give you a handy scenic break.
Just a thought!
I do have em now n then!
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I find thinking out loud helps a great deal!
Perhaps you could draw a rough plan of the loft space to give us an idea of the possibilitys and Ill think aloud too!
Any chance of seeing where the access hatch is. I guess you'll be wanting a run around layout?
To use track pins or not to use track pins?
I personally dont like track pins. What I will be doing when my baseboards have been built is using the method our club layout uses. The track is pinned in place with dress makers pins (those that have the nice big plastic balls on the end) then ballasted. Once the ballast is dry the dressmakers pins are removed. A prototypical approach as real track is held in place by its ballast, and in areas where the track has been prone to slippage, they "glue" the ballast to hold the track, a bit like fact following fiction!
Theres a good write up in febuarys edition of hornby magazine "shaking the box" can be seen here
Click here!
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