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I'm working on a couple of unusual old whitemetal kits, that I think are both out of production now :

Crownline Kitson LMS/BR (the BR built version)

K's LMS Dock Tank.

I'm not doing these as they are starter kits - (as the Dock Tank valve gear is causing apoplexy!) - merely because I have purchased/built the big 'swanky' locos already and these tank engines actually appeared at my prototype location.

I am nearly at the paint stage for the LMS Dock Tank and I am trying to source a couple of parts for the Kitson that were not included in the original kit (such as the strange box on the back of the cab - which I may have to fashion myself).

I will try and post some pics when I am happy with the results...

Love the GW Pacific too...
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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