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Hi All,
Here is how I upload my pictures from the Flickr website. Obviously, you have to join (it's free!) AND upload images from your computer or wherever they are stored, first.

When you look at one of your pictures on Flickr (making sure you're on the "photo page"), you should get five symbols in the lower right corner.
The centre one is like a curved arrow, click on that.
Select "BB Code" from the four option available, then select the size you want to share, from the drop down menu. I usually go for something like 800 x 600 or so.
Copy the code provided (above the drop down menu).
Paste directly into your post.
That's it, you're done!
Carry on with your post, repeat for a different image/s if you wish

If you wish, you can clean up the posting by removing the " url=]P1210319 /url] by url=[email protected]/]Allegheny1633 /url], on Flickr" that follows.

Your code will of course, look slightly different - no "Allegheny1633" for a start, should be "Joe Bloggs" for your good self!

You should then be left with simply: img][/img

NOTE: I have deliberately omitted the two square brackets "[ ]" else my image will show above and you won't see the code!
To see my image, simply type in [ at the beginning of my code that starts "img]https" etc and finally close it with a ] (after the "[/img")

I hope that all makes sense. I know it looks a little complex at first but I soon got used to it and it's easy now. I used to dread trying to post images on here, I just couldn't do it!

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Imgur works much the same way. When clicking on a photo in one of your albums, multiple formating options are available just by clicking on a selection and pasting it here.

No muss, no fuss. Free, and ad free too with unlimited storage.

I abandoned Photobucket when their extortion tactics started.
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