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US television show features our great hobby!

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The popular cable show, DIY Network now includes a new series called "Workin on the Railroad." The show will include visits to elaborate model railroads across the country and discussions with the modelers who created them. In addition, each one of the five episodes includes master model railroader Ted Brown and guests demonstrate how to design and construct a layout, lay and wire track, create realistic landscapes and buildings and put together a freight-car kit.

For more information on this series, including show times, visit the DIY Network Web site.

Watch the shows online here (thanks Gary
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I wondered if people are aware of this cable based, but also available on the net, American show...

'The Train Show' with Rich Einhorn - "All Aboard!" Makes me smile as a 'Brit.' But seriously it covers loads of different aspects of railway modelling in all sorts of scales in 1/2 hour programmes - free!

Take a look...

Best Wishes
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See I am good for some things!

Rich is great and I know what you mean about being into lego...or "lay-goh" as it is pronounced. Just being quirky!

Has anyone got to the tornado model yet as I thought that was just sheer over the top brilliance!!

I also enjoyed the 'instant' layout that Rich did with an oval and siding, a few 'rocks' and some scatter!!! It even prompted reaction from the boss - "well I don't reckon much of that!"

The huge 'Live' steam episode is also good, especially the bit about track repairs! I'll never complain about fishplates again.

The New York show was also interesting. Country walks collecting pine cones with the kids will take on a whole new meaning!

..oh and yes. I've seen them all at least once! And no, I don't get out much!

Take care all
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Just a thought...

After just watching the 'Lay-goh' episode with the enormous and very impressive layout, and reading the posts above, I have come to a conclusion -

Am I the only one that thinks this show needs it's own section of forum for posting comments etc. as I don't know of anything comparable over the net that relates to our brilliant hobby?

I am completely blown away by the construction of the models as complete one off's in Lego (no more sarcasm, now!) and apparantly these poor people can't even buy the bricks in bulk on their own - they have to buy multitudes of kits! How tough is that!? And we think Bachmann, Graham Farish etc don't listen to us!!

If you haven't seen this episode - then don't smile quietly at the thought of Lego until you have!

Find the episode here...

Best Wishes,
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1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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