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US television show features our great hobby!

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The popular cable show, DIY Network now includes a new series called "Workin on the Railroad." The show will include visits to elaborate model railroads across the country and discussions with the modelers who created them. In addition, each one of the five episodes includes master model railroader Ted Brown and guests demonstrate how to design and construct a layout, lay and wire track, create realistic landscapes and buildings and put together a freight-car kit.

For more information on this series, including show times, visit the DIY Network Web site.

Watch the shows online here (thanks Gary
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I'm thoroughly enjoying the videos now - thanks for that Jules!
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QUOTE I'm rivetted!
Any volunteers to count them?

It could be easier than counting Lego bricks!
I could get into Lego now . . .

Partway through the Rensellaer video, which is truly wonderful, it looks like I'm going to spend the entire weekend watching rail videos now - what a real(!) pleasure!
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Here I am, two and a half hours later and the joint is deserted!
What makes me think this might have something to do with people doing exactly what I have been doing - solidly watching those videos, transported with delight!

I'm going back to them now, but just popped in with a tip, that some people might not be aware of, for the Windows Media Player (WMP) and most other players. Good as the videos are, you can often enhance them a little by GENTLE use of WMP's video enhancement controls. A tiny lift for Brightness, Contrast and Saturation can brighten things up, though it is a purely personal taste thing. Try it and make your own judgement - it's like the sugar or the condiments, you don't have to use them, but they are there if you would like to!
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