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Glad you brought this subject up Bob, I suffer from a different version here. Most odd. The problem with mine is the way the threads are seen on the screen. Both at home and in the office I use Windows XP prof. with internet explorer 6 .At the computer in my office I can see all the threads answers and topics by just scrolling down the page i.e every reply is seen, whereas on the computer at home only the main thread subject is seen and all the replys are squeezed below in members headers of which you have to thick on it to find out what he has written which I find quite annoying.If it is a thread with 50 replys you simply get lost and vigorously search who has said what, whereas the other way, its simple, just scroll down and you can locate what you are looking for. Am I missing something? A button perhaps?

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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