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Using more than 12 functions

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Hello all

I have recently returned to the hobby not that I ever went away. I have been reading up on DCC as my new projects will all be DCC based. I used Zero One as a teenager and installed my own decoders so I am not a complete novice. The modern sytems though are vastly superior and the CV settings aspect is all new to me. One thing that did occur to me was how to make use of a high number of functions in a single loco.

Now obviously I could fit two decoders in a loco, one the function only variety. I could give them different address so that would mean that all the functions could be addressed on a DCC controller that only supported 12 functions.

However, I would like to have all 12+ functions available at the one address.
Could I have loco decoder with say 8 functions and a function only decoder with say 6 functions and be able to assign the functions in the second function only decoder to 9 to 14 instead of 1 to 6 and give it the same address as the main loco decoder?

Assuming the answer is yes, if I then ran the loco on an a system that only support 12 functions, I assume I would hav ethe limitation that the last 2 functions could not be addressed?

I could always wait for the first 20 function decoder! All of Bachmann's 21 pins might see some use then.

I hope to add sound to a Hornby 50 and have full control over all the lighting as well so any advice appreciated.
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I assume the high number functions are for sound decoders
How big is your loco? The Zimo MX69V has 14 function outputs. Designed though for larger scale (G) locos.
Yes Ravenser it would be for sound.

Doug, I am thinking of OO guage locos. The Hornby 50 would be first. I have not opened it up yet so I do not know what the space is like. Its resonably big and there are sound kits for it. I will check out the Zimo decoder.
I have fitted a 4 function loco decoder (NCE d13) plus a 4 function decoder (TCS FL4) into a Bachmann 66.
I was then able to assign the same address to both decoders, then re-assign functions 4,5,6 and 7 to the function only decoder.

So in theory you should be able to do what you are asking, providing your DCC system supports 12+ functions.

Zimo do an 8 function OO decoder, you could then add a TCS FL4 which would give you another 4.
I think the ESU sound decoders support 4 functions.
The only off the shelf one that have 20 are some of the motorola one used in Maerklin locos. I'm not aware of a DCC equivelant yet so you would have to double up on decoders.
Maybe I am stretching the envelope too far for now and perhaps I may not need 12+ functions for now.
Squeaky seems to have put the theory into practice. I would be interested if anyone done go over the 12 functions using two decoders. I will update you with my efforts too. I should be chipping my fist locos in about a months time but I will start with the basics.
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