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For £82 you get a spot on highly detailed 4 coach train with a modern centre drive mechanism that runs superbly at all speeds . (The fly in the ointment is that it isn't DCC ready and the lights at both ends are a nuscience to fit for DCC - mine currently has the lights unplugged till I sort them out . However Bachmann have said they are working to make their entire range DCC Ready - the outstanding items are the split chassis locos and the modern DMUs like the Voyager)

Basically it's an excellent model at an excellent price - new generation OO RTR near its best.

For £108 you get something with no mechanism , that requires home made conversion with one and probably two motor bogies to shift it (at maybe £40 each if you go for Beetles)

But it's diecast, not plastic.......

If I really needed a train of '38 stock I'd be happy to buy it and convert it. How else exactly are you going to get tube stock - kits have been very rare and no cheaper ? And EFE have done an excellent job of it. Without their considerable initiative in releasing tube stock of several types, modelling LT would be very tough indeed . Conventional RTR would never be viable - they are floating the project on the basis of the diecast collectors market and the upmarket tourist souvenir market

But it is not a cheap exercise at all, and I'm sure part of that is because diecast is an inherently expensive process

A sobering look at the economics of the diecast market:

I bought this (the vehicle is preserved, so easy to justify):
Corgi Lincoln bus

I didn't buy this:
Lincs Road car bus

More suitable maybe - but much more expensive. Look at the RRP - £50!!! Compare that with the Bachmann Voyager at £82. You're not getting a lot of bang for your buck. And look at the way the prices collapse
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