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Hi Doug,

Interesting problem but not, I think, unsurmountable.

Although I work in N Gauge I have taken some scale 'license' and am building a viaduct using the 00 Linka system. Although my viaduct is on the straight I did have a problem with casting the curved undersides of the arches in plaster of paris until, in a flash of inspiration, I tried using modelling clay, well tamped into the Linka moulds, then removed while still supple and fixed to the plywood former (which actually provides the structural strength and support.) Et Voila !!

It occurs to me that you could use a similar method by firstly constructing a plywood viaduct, curved to suit, and then, using the Linka moulds and modelling clay, make panels of stone (or brick - Linka do both) and fixing them to the plywood while they are still flexible.

Food for thought anyway.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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