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Victorian Heritage railway

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This week I had a bit of a holiday and decided to take my son to see Puffing Billy. This is a local heritage railway and operates almost daily. It is very popular and runs through scenic forest. It also has one of those wooden bridges that you thought only existed in model layouts.

There is also the opportunity to actually drive a steam train yourself. I haven't actually done this yet but may well get round to it at some point.

There is also a restoration project going on which you can get involved in. This aims to restore a Climax locomotive and donations over $2 are tax deductable!

There is a lunchtime special too which does lunch and cream steas and the such.

I have put some pics in the gallery. There is a wide variety of locos run on this route and they are open for volunteers to join in so if you live in Victoria round Melbourne and have nothing to do at the weekend it's certainly worth thinking about.

There is also the (allegedly) Southern Hemispheres largest OO/HO model railway. It has UK, US, Australian, German and quite possibly some others outline.

Well worth a visit if you're in the area.
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