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Hello Swik1

I love victorian loco's too. but for ready to run you are going to find life very difficult. beside the ones you mentioned there is also the LBSCR terrier. its small but delightfuly pretty. but they also lasted a very long time so make sure you get one in the correct stroudly improved engine green.

Apart from thise and the hornby reissued singles you are basically stuffed.

Unless you go for kits. For that typical early victorian theme with the massive hats and the even bigger skirts, i would thoroughly recommend the liverpool and manchester lion. the kit was origionally made buy K's but it has been retooled and reissued buy IKB models. i have made a K's version and it was a challange to build and if i am honest i have never actually finished it because i am rubbish at making chassis work and this was no exception. but i have seen the retooled version and its very good and it has the compensated chassis that IKB do so well. i have never built one but i have seen the kit and the result and both really are very good.

There are some others to look out for. the other kits in the K's milestones range and also take a look at london road models.

"victorian" is actually a pretty general term. the world was moveing soo fast back then that fasions and rolling stock design changed almost by the week. for example the liverpool and manchester lion is a very different beast from sitrling single or an ivatt atlantic.

It's really up to you. if you want ready to run then you are going to be pretty limited but if you dont mind building kits then the worlds your oyster.

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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