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QUOTE (neil_s_wood @ 15 Apr 2008, 07:44) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Do you think they would be prepared to train people to do it? For that kind of money I'd start tommorow!
Not sure about living in Perth though.

It does sound tempting, doesn't it.

Going back to the original topic (some good pics there, BTW) it is quite a few years since I last visited Newport for the museum. I seem to recall there was an interesting O gauge tinplate-style layout there too. Corrosion was a bit of a problem onsome of the exhibits. Also noticeable was the fading evident on the sunny side of some exhibits, most notably the wooden Tait/swing door electric coach.

For those intending to visit Australia, I can also recommend the Port Adelaide Museum in South Australia, which has the advantage of being under cover as well. South Australia has an interesting railway heritage with all three gauges present - 5' 3" Victorian gauge, Standard gauge from NSW, WA and also now, Victoria, and 3' 6", shared with Western Australia and the Northern Territory (and Queensland and Tasmania but with no direct links to those systems). I had the privilege of visiting the Adelaide facility when the British Railway Modellers of Australia (BRMA) South Australian members hosted the Annual Convention last year.

Those who drop in to Melbourne, Victoria are welcome to drop me a PM and we can try to get together to host some railway related activities, given enough notice.
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