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QUOTE (dbclass50 @ 14 Apr 2008, 14:30) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Nice set of pic's thanks Neil.

I do like the way you can see the influence of different countries in the locomotives.

Be nice to see some of those in steam again.

**Nice piccies Neil - its a good place and I visited several times while I lived on the east Coast.
We have a similar museum here in Perth... fortunately.... with a roof!

WA railways are a real mix - 3'6 gauge historically, now all but the suburban electrics are standard gauge.

Originally UK and NZ influenced for sourcing for loco's, (The suburb with the railway worshops was called midland - that should give a good hint) but now mostly big grain trains and Iron ore trains - the latter with GE and GM's largest loco's hauling absolutely HUGE trains of Iron ore more than a KM long - and they have just started a plan to totally automate these trains - from loading to discharge and the journey in between.

Hundreds of thousands of tons, half a dozen AC6000's, travelling hundreds of KM from loading to port and not one human on the train! Eventually....All to be controlled by a pimply office worker with a joystick in a dark room somewhere....

This happening as they cannot get enough engine drivers to work for them - they just announced a $20,000 per driver annual bonus just for staying on the job - per year for 5 years minimum - this is on top of a seriously BIG (I believe $100,000k+) salary.

Any list memebrs who are train drivers out there that need a job where it is always warm :) :) :) ......OK, hot (but the cabs are air conditioned, and between work sessions, you can live in Perth and be flown to work and back at the company cost too).

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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