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QUOTE (Andrew_07 @ 30 Apr 2007, 19:31) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi there! First post here and a question.

I want to try doing a small(ish) ho layout using live catenary. I have found one manufacturer - Viessmann - which seems to make all the relevant parts but I am struggling to find and good instructions on how to use and assemble it.
Looking at some of the diagrams I found it seemed a simple matter of clipping the pre-made ( and I though pre tensioned) lengths of wire to the support poles, but I have also found they make tensioning posts. I am unclear whether these are required or not, and if so how they are used.

Can anyone help?


Viessmann is an excellent robust system. The tensioners are cosmetic. When assembled correctly it will be tensioned. I have used it myself on a previous layout & will use it again on the next. If you want to phone me for any more tips or advice send me a PM for my phone number.
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