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Viessmann new items for 2008

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Here are some of Viessmann's new items for this year. We can now share in the benefits of "elastic body technology". There is also a fountain with simulated water which looks good. smoke generator fluid which dopesn't leave stains on your locos, and wind turbines.

I also see that there is an additional module which you can buy for the Commander which fulfils the same purpose as the Ecosniffer on ECoS i.e. that you can use your existing controller.

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Thanks for the information Neil - Viessmann certainly produce some interesting & useful accessories (I wondered why the lovers in bed set was discontinued - now I know - a better set !).

The coach lighting units have been around for a while & are very good (albeit expensive), but they now seem to have an anti-flicker circuit. They are easy to install though. Richard's DCC Concepts units are much more cost & operationally effective - we have tried & stock both).

LED technology is getting better & the use of them in streetlighting is good - some of the streetlamps are now "plug in" - useful for when arrying out work nearby !
I rather like the look of the fountain - it will be interesting to see one "in the flesh"

Is the Commander system on sale yet? Gaugemaster list it as unreleased. thanks
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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