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QUOTE (BRITHO @ 1 Dec 2008, 18:08) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Just my ten pennorth but I seem to recall that Virgin and Gerry Anderson would only grant the licence for the logo to Bachmann, so you will probably have to use photographic ones.


Dennis Lovett from Bachmann replies:

QUOTE The licensing of all Thunderbird related items is held by Carlton International Media Ltd and was nothing whatsover to do with Virgin Trains. Indeed Virgin Trains had to obtain the necessary licenses from Carlton before it could use the names on its locomotives. Any company wishing to produce models, books or toys etc. of any part of the Thunderbirds copyright protected television series has to go down this road or face the legal consequences. Reproduction of the nameplates on models had to be negotiated directly between model manufacturer and Carlton. Bachmann Europe Plc were able to reach financial agreement with Carlton regarding reproduction of the nameplates, which as part of the agreement were factory fitted. One other manufacturer of Class 57s was able to reproduce the Virgin livery but did not conclude a deal with Carlton and their models were issued without nameplates. To my knowledge no manufacturer of nameplates has been able to reach financial agreement or obtain the necessary licenses to reproduce the nameplates as accessories.

Licensing is a complex subject and negotiations are often lengthy, complex and require extensive legal paperwork to be drawn up. It explains why model manufacturers are unable to introduce new liveries immediately new franchises are granted until all negotiations are concluded and the necessary licenses are in place.
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