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As anyone bought one of the new Vitrain class 37's? good price £50
Well I took the plunge a couple of days age and bought one and I have to say I am very pleased with it. I fitted a Hornby decoder in with ease, at least this one IS DCC ready. The lights work fine, although the red rear one's are on the small side. Its a beautiful mover at slow speeds and goes over Hornby points no problem. The couplings seem a little flimsy and it didn't like the old large 'D' type hornby ones but no problem with the Bachmann ones. All in all as they say I can recommend these, some others may not agree.
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Yep, I got one I re-sprayed into 37406 in EWS livery. Looks ok, sounds ok too!

There is a pic on Rmweb, could not figure out how to get a pic on this forum?

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I personally think these run great for £50, are good haulers, and the latest models have painted fronts. And they must be the worlds easiest models to fit decoders into. Just need to watch the buffers though when removing the body as they can pop out of their housings together with the very small buffer springs so be careful here else you could loose them.

Some say they are a little noisy when running but on the other hand the bogies are flexible enough to cope with very uneven track without derailing.

Happy modelling
>you could loose them.
and once they've been set free, you'll probably never see them again

Sorry Gary, I couldn't resist that one...

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The Hobby Company have also announced that they will be importing the complete ViTrains range of continental HO equipment, great news for stock starved Italian railway fans!

Although they have not yet been shipped the range can viewed on the Ontracks website (search "vitv"). Some interesting stuff and a handy listing of spares for the Class 37 range!

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