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ViTrains #37's on ebay

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have just observed a couple of ViTrains #37's on ebay....including one of the special edition versions....[the other is a green one).

one has sold for around £35 or so....and that is roughly where the other one has stuck.

Given that these locos are at best no mor than a couple of monthe old, [give or take], in boxes....does that mean, people are finding the ViTrains models to be total rubbish?

or....are the Bachmann # 37's so vastly superior, for around £50 or thereabouts new, that paople are ditching their vitrains models in desperation?

or.....[as I believe]...these models, coming on ebay just now, represent huge value for money, and are ''barginz?''

Is this the 'Bachmann' effect we are seeing?

whereby, by releasing the similar model, but higher spec, has meant the lesser model then has a very reduced 2nd hand value?

Which must be good news for those who need a well-sized fleet, but are not too concerned about trivial errors?
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I agree......considering how short a time the ViTrains items have actually been out on the market, these items MUST represent a significant saving...especially for those fleet modellers..(I don't mean 'quick' ones, either)..

I DID wonder if someone was 'testing the market' with a limited edition?

re postage......there is a bit of a contradictory issue with this one?

'Postage' is also applied to the likes of Hatton's, etc......which can often boost a price uncomfortably near to that of one's local model shop?
which makes me question whether the odd few quid saved is worth not being able to 'see' the goods prior to purchase, put some business in the way of one's local [valued] trader, and the enjoyment of an exciting trip out, a few precious moments of interesting chat, and a relaxed skegg around the shop looking for other items of interest..maybe for next time?

somehow, a flip through the ethernet catalogue, a few taps of some keys and a squeak from the mouse don't quite have the same appeal?

Postage, too, on ebay is an issue......I get the impression some use it to boost income, yet.....if one was to respond to a local advert, over the phone, would one not travel over to view items?
same applies if one intends to buy used from a local dealer?

perhaps it is time ebay actually quantified postage?

then everybody would be on a level playing field?

[don't Amazon do this for their used books?}

Incidentally, off thread.....I find Amazon exceedingly useful for finding obscure railway remarkably cheap prices, including delivery.

far more so than a lot of the dealers, etc.

(for example, I have been casually serching for 'Highland Miscellany', by P.Tatlow........I have left email addresses, phone numbers, etc with various dealers and 'shops' who have used books in occasionally......not a squeak.

got fed up the other night, needed a treat....went on Amazon for a gander, and lo!

a choice of at least half a dozen copies from silly prices to 7 quid.....including description of condition.....tipettytappety on itzway!
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