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ViTrains #37's on ebay

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have just observed a couple of ViTrains #37's on ebay....including one of the special edition versions....[the other is a green one).

one has sold for around £35 or so....and that is roughly where the other one has stuck.

Given that these locos are at best no mor than a couple of monthe old, [give or take], in boxes....does that mean, people are finding the ViTrains models to be total rubbish?

or....are the Bachmann # 37's so vastly superior, for around £50 or thereabouts new, that paople are ditching their vitrains models in desperation?

or.....[as I believe]...these models, coming on ebay just now, represent huge value for money, and are ''barginz?''

Is this the 'Bachmann' effect we are seeing?

whereby, by releasing the similar model, but higher spec, has meant the lesser model then has a very reduced 2nd hand value?

Which must be good news for those who need a well-sized fleet, but are not too concerned about trivial errors?
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eBay will never be able to "quantify" postage - there are just too many variables !
1st class
2nd class
1st class recorded
2nd class recorded
Special delivery
Small packet, large packet & so on & that's just with Royal Snail or Parcelfarce.

Often, we quote postage on eBay to find that we have underquoted ! That's why we tend to use DHL - we can send a consignment of up to 30kg anywhere in mainland UK 48hrs for £8.81 - Royal Mail are just far too greedy & about as useful as a chocolate iron.

Often people who quote our prices compared to that well known shop in Germany often forget to take into account the postage, the compulsory insurance & the CC surcharge that goes onto the total.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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