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No , I think they're bargains.

The Vi-Trains 37 isn't a bad model. The Bachmann 37 may be a noticeably better model but if it didn't exist the Vi-Trains 37 would certainly do to be getting on with and we could turn our attention to more productive subjects like "can we have a decent 86/ROD/Freightliner flat...?"

A second hand model on eBay will always be at a discount to a new model. For starters , you have to pay postage on top of the eBay price , and this may well be more than Hattons or Rails are charging. Secondly you've got no warranty , you're buying goods unseen , and if they have something wrong or fail you've no recourse

If a Bachmann 37 can be had for £50 from a discounter, then the Vi-Trains model new, should command £5-10 less. Allow for the "2nd hand effect" and £35 seems a perfectly rational price on ebay

Also one swallow doesn't make a summer and 2 auctions don't make a high volume market. In a "thin market" prices can get a little distorted : a fiver difference either way would affect the argument dramatically

One might put this another way - what price a Lima 37??? I'd say you really couldn't justify an ebay price above £20. Remember that'll be £25 once you add the postage
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