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ViTrains #37's on ebay

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have just observed a couple of ViTrains #37's on ebay....including one of the special edition versions....[the other is a green one).

one has sold for around £35 or so....and that is roughly where the other one has stuck.

Given that these locos are at best no mor than a couple of monthe old, [give or take], in boxes....does that mean, people are finding the ViTrains models to be total rubbish?

or....are the Bachmann # 37's so vastly superior, for around £50 or thereabouts new, that paople are ditching their vitrains models in desperation?

or.....[as I believe]...these models, coming on ebay just now, represent huge value for money, and are ''barginz?''

Is this the 'Bachmann' effect we are seeing?

whereby, by releasing the similar model, but higher spec, has meant the lesser model then has a very reduced 2nd hand value?

Which must be good news for those who need a well-sized fleet, but are not too concerned about trivial errors?
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No , I think they're bargains.

The Vi-Trains 37 isn't a bad model. The Bachmann 37 may be a noticeably better model but if it didn't exist the Vi-Trains 37 would certainly do to be getting on with and we could turn our attention to more productive subjects like "can we have a decent 86/ROD/Freightliner flat...?"

A second hand model on eBay will always be at a discount to a new model. For starters , you have to pay postage on top of the eBay price , and this may well be more than Hattons or Rails are charging. Secondly you've got no warranty , you're buying goods unseen , and if they have something wrong or fail you've no recourse

If a Bachmann 37 can be had for £50 from a discounter, then the Vi-Trains model new, should command £5-10 less. Allow for the "2nd hand effect" and £35 seems a perfectly rational price on ebay

Also one swallow doesn't make a summer and 2 auctions don't make a high volume market. In a "thin market" prices can get a little distorted : a fiver difference either way would affect the argument dramatically

One might put this another way - what price a Lima 37??? I'd say you really couldn't justify an ebay price above £20. Remember that'll be £25 once you add the postage
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