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This afternoon I had a close look at the ViTrains #37......and what an excellent 50 quid's worth it is!

Despite an issue over horns damaged in transit, I found it ran very quietly, from the box.....and with smooth, slow-speed action.

Since the rail blue model is the one I'm interested in, I took particular interest in the finish.

I viewed this sample at 53A Models, in Hull......and my attention was drawn to the yellow cab ends.

The yellow seemed a tad bright in tone...and the combination of yellow pigment, and the base shell colour, made the ends a bit 'opaque'........with evidence of light creeping in through the cab windows being seen behind the yellow ends.

For an undemanding modeller like me, the solution would simply be, to remove the shell and paint the entire insides with flat black paint.

I note in other reports, the observation that this model lacked a cab interior?

I say....''so what?''

Can't say as I'd notice the cab interior of a workiing model...might see the face of the driver...but detail of the interior is to me, irrelevant. Collectors and more demanding purchasers might feel otherwise, though.

A case of 'knowing it's there?''

A bit like 'inside motion' on a steamer?

However, a cab floor might have eliminated the above issue with the opacity of the yellow noses?

I have another concern over the nicely detailed fan behind the grill in the roof?

Stands out a bit TOO much, in the 'obvious' sense, for my liking......again, I doubt I'd notice the real thing from an would certainly be a dirty black colour?

So, all in all, a fine model, well worth the price.........and I'd prefer it to the Bachmann model...if only to offer encouragement to a new manufacturer.

Certainly, as the owner of 53A models observed, the running qualities are well up with the likes of Heljan!

Can anyone suggest any brass horns to adorn the roof?

PLUS......can anyone suggest a way of imitating the 'oily' effect I so often recall, on these cab windscreens.

The oil-slick tone certainly made them difficult to see through, from a distance...hence my observations regarding cab interiors?

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The opacity of the yellow ends shows up well in the pix of the working lights?

Re the yellow?
Perhaps the other liveries will address the problem?

What colour is the basic body casting??

Notice the fuzzy line between yellow and blue?

I don't like traction tyres, preferring weight for adhesion......purchasing a couple of spare wheelsets from the opposite ends of the trucks seems the best bet...or fitting some nice real steel wheelsets?

I wonder how easy they will be to convert to EM?

Mine WILL be dirty!

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QUOTE (Oakydoke @ 4 Mar 2007, 10:06) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I'm sorry folks, but it looks like a Disaster !

The cheap plastic ends don't seem to match up with the bonnet, are opaque and the lights are bleeding through badly.

Add to that the shape of the tumblehome, riding high on the bogies, molded grills and the cab windscreens looking most un-37 like, I can see the critics having a field day.

A great shame really!

In fairness, given the price, (probably not a lot more than a nearly-new item from the big three?).....I found the only problem being the yellow ends. Easily fixed?

The photographs are actually only quickie pix, bless the levels of distortion demonstrate.

In fact, I find direct comparison with a prototype photo in a similar livery shows things like ride height to about right.

Obviously a good measuring will settle the issue.....bear in mind, no detail parts have been added to the pix!

In fact, the model looks much better in the all photographs, close-ups in bright lights do little to flatter?

If one is demanding perfection, straight from the box, then one must pay?

(I find these lovely etched kits a big disappointment when I discover so many dont even provide wheels to run on, or a motor to push it?)

Now , what about a nice #25?

for 40 quid?

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well.....maybe I'm a lot more tolerant than today's modellers?

The 'bleed' issue I raised initially, wasn't so much aimed at the light units...many, many models in the past, US and others, have had the same issue regarding shrouding of interior light sources.......but I raised the issue because of the effects of NATURAL sunlight feeding in through areas like cab windows.

The yellow areas need toning down....

whther resprayed, or simply dulled by judicious weathering...I will await the arrival of my version first.

I also raised the point, which seems to have been ignored, that PERHAPS the issue of the tone of the bonnet areas might simply be relevant to THIS particular colour scheme?

I would reserve judgement on the paint quality until after I've had a gander at samples of the other liveries due to become available??

PLUS......the above issues may not be of real concern to any but a few owners, since this colour scheme is to be issued only in limited numbers.

There was a point raised about expectations for the price.....and exactly how far individuals need to go to achieve a more desirable finish or level of detail?
So....does one's weathering consist of a quick flash-over with some underframe dirt aerosol? (as Hornby seem to do?)
Or do some folk actually spend as much time on ageing, or dirtying their models as they would with complete resprays?

I expect I do.

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I hope mine turns up tomorrow. I didn't want to own up on Saturday in the model shop, to having pre-ordered one from 'elsewhere'...I felt guilty at not supporting, etc...but since I only visit occasionally....I didn't realise they'd stock the thing!

One 'problem' I have noticed with Bachmann diesels is the ''rigidity'' of ride in their trucks....less forgiving of dubious trackwork?

I'll see how the Vitrains version handles my little lad's portable, foldable, layout....with its unavoidable setrack points...and real life wheel squealer curves!

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Rails of Sheffield only received but a fraction of their actual order for ViTrains #37! They tell me that the ViTrains agents aren't planning to send any more in the near future.

Thus, they cannot meet their orders, sadly.

However, all was not lost.....a quick call to John at 53A models, Hull...

found he still has a few rail blue 37's.....and Regional railways 37' if having trouble finding one or two, give him a call?
(don't tell him I sent you!)

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QUOTE (dwb @ 6 Mar 2007, 19:55) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Bachmann have posted a couple of two photos of their forthcoming 37s. A bonnet aerial is prominent in both pix. Whether the timing of this new announcement is coincidence or not, at least it got Ernie off their front page!


they both certainly look good......the 37/6 demonstrates just how much a spot of weathering can hilite detail?

37425 I think has the 2006(?) livery - repaint.....Bachmann have replicated the smaller numbers.....

differences between the two makes?

bachmann will have 6 wheel drive, as against Vitrain's 4....Opening cab doors? Cab lights?......careful, Bachmann, we're almost bordering on gimickry here?

well, we have light, we have sound...when is sombody going to come up with DCC-controlled SMELL?

where's the exhaust smoke?

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QUOTE (Oakydoke @ 6 Mar 2007, 23:05) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I'm sure he'll be glad to get rid of them, judging by his posts on various forums !

Having viewed his comments, I don't see anything in the content that varies from what others, and myself, have observed.

At least he is honest.

However, he does leave decisions up to the customer in the end......and if shortcomings are acceptable, then fine...he praises the slow speed running qualities.......the main thing that attracted me to the Vitrains item.....the rest I can deal with!

I'm quite happy with the product..given that I rarely leave well alone anyway......somehow doing the same thing to a loco from elsewhere at £20 more doesn't sit too well with me.

My main niggle with most Bachmann products of late, is their inflexibility of running.

I find it disappointing that many of their products cannot be run on all available set track radii.

Try explaining to an 8 year old, why he cannot run an item he has set his heart on?

Every Bachmann coach he has 'bought' has had to be subtly modified by Dad so he can run it on his small layout.....with perforce a minimum radius at some points equal to No 1 curves.

Ok..I know about 'markets'.....and the answer is to not use tight curves, or to only use selected stock......and that is how he started.......but once he gets hold of the latest of dad's model mags, and see's what's on offer....then different forces begin to work.

One look at a working turntable, and he had his mind set upon one for his layout.........his layout is restricted by set-up space, and storage space when folded.......5 foot3" by 3 foot 7"......folded in half!.........a 'waisted''s idea....with a passing loop on one half, with station...a tunnel on the other quater, much like one of the initial designs in the old Peco '60 plans' book?.........he DID have a bay platform, headshunt and goods yard...until the 'turntable' thing, 'someone' bought him a Hronby engine shed, without prior consultation...I had steered him away from that one, for space reasons......he has a loco servicing spur, with ash, out came the goods yard...he never did do much shunting anyway.... and in went Peco's turntable......and to make lining-up kid proof, I even fabricated sliding locks, which doubled as power selectors.

Since the last thing I would want to do is discourage someone from this hobby at such a tender age, I tend to view models from a different angle......what Dad would like, inevitably get's borrowed!

Dad's birthday prezzies also have a remarkable affinity with what No. 1 son has noticed locally on the prototype, and found a model and silver bachmann DMU's, for example?

which hardly fitted in with MY ideas!

(He doesn't grasp the idea about all my miriad of US stock...since the last time he saw anything like that for real, he was a babe-in-arms.......he does, however, want a 'City of Truro'.....if anyone has one for sale?)
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