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Ah well so much for go easy on it.
Sure they may have skimped on paint, the ends don't quite line up (have you seen a hornby M7?). I wouldn't use the word disaster by any means. As for the tumblehome has anyone got it right yet on a plastic model? How anyone can be expected to get right an area that is going to significantly reduce either the chassis width beneath it or the ability to seperate top from bottom due to it tucking under is beyond me but then I'm not a perfectionist. At least they haven't used painted on bottom edge detailing.
As far as I'm concerned the real thing looks like someone belted it underneath the floor to stop the body falling off anyway.
Do also bear in mind it is cheaper than the former lima model was failing to sell for when they went bust and on a par with the geriatric tri-ang hornby one. Perhaps a fairer comparison for the sake of doing so would be to the first incarnation of Bachmanns 37/4 rather than to speculate on how it will compare this time, after all this is their first go.
Does it have tail lights? it's difficult to see in the photo's.
1 - 1 of 59 Posts
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