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I ,too, collected 37414 on Saturday..having changed my mind over 37428.......I much prefrred the 'look' of the Regional livery?

I also did a smidgeon of research, before and after purchase....

37414, it seems , ran in 'revenue' service up until the turn of the century....then got parked-up and stripped somewhat (for spares?)

However, as luck would have it, the loco was acquired by a restoration group, and moved to the Wearside Railway...a 'preserved' line......where at last look, it was undergoing a 'restoration'.

so, from a 'modelling' viewpoint, this particular prototype might have considerable potential..from a 'period' point of view....not just pre-2000....but also in a current 'preserved' state?

I have no idea what livery it will eventually be displayed in...if the preservers keep the 'regional' livery,spruced up, then the ViTrains version would be good for a broad timescale??

For a bit of 'freelancing'' might be an interesting exercse to run the loco in an extremely rusty, tatty condition?

Perhaps, 'pre-repaint?'

Lots of opportunity to introduce character and individuality to the model?

For a truly excellent photograph of the prototype, as of 9/98, see John Turner's 53A Models website, checking out his library of photographs?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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