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Just wondering what everyones opinion is on the ViTrains Class 47 now that its in the shops?

I was looking forward to 47401 but like their first 37 (37428) it looks rather yellowy & a bit toy like....not sure if I will be adding it
to my fleet, I'll wait & see what the other liveries are like first....and there should be rather a lot to come as they seem to follow in
the old footsteps of Lima when it comes to releasing plenty of livery variations!

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Been chewed over a little in prospect here.
Mostly looks like a 47, can be improved with some work. Lowering the body relative to the running gear is possible and makes a big improvement to overall appearance. Vi responded to feedback on the 37, and presumably will do the same on this model, in addition to rolling out a fair variety of liveries. I will be interested to see what happens on the pricing: asking price is significantly higher than both the Bachmann, (which also looks like a 47, but has a different roster of details to correct); and the well liked though significantly incorrect Heljan (which has long been offered in a wide range of liveries).

Assuming that the global economy doesn't grind to a standstill (or worse) I would not bet money against Hornby bringing out an all-new 47. They have started on DCC sound, and will most likely want to put it into the most numerous UK main line diesel class: but they will not be able to obtain the requisite price unless it's a competitive model...
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