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I purchaded my Dynamis about 12 months ago every thing worked well no problems (Small N gauge layout)
packed it all away for the winter. Got it out this weekend and my lococs don't respond cleaned tract checked batterys all good
motors seem to be humming but nothing moving checked voltage out of the unit 9v ac? removed all DCC equipment from loco runs well on DC so no fault with Loco
is 9V ok? DC out put 14.5V


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***The reading you get cannot be accurate as a conventional meter cannot read the high frequency DCC signal accurately.... however its low even for an approximate value.

Short answer - no it doesn't sound right... if there is a humming at the motors of locos that have a decoder (there should be none) then there is a system problem.

try a reset and test on a separate bit of track. If loco's don't run then it back to Bachmann for service I am afraid.

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