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Volume 9 "Just the Ticket"

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According to the BFI website, the latest volume in their series of rereleases on DVD of the British Transport Film Unit's products is due in December. The description of this set is:

"'Just the Ticket' contains over four hours of British film classics, with particular focus on the staff training film, a genre often wrongly neglected but no less creative and accomplished by the award-winning BTF unit. A good number of films such as 'Lost, Stolen, Damaged', 'Manhandling' and 'It Takes all Sorts' were likely unseen by the majority of the British Public, but that in no way diminishes their originality or charm. The very first BTF title 'Berth 24' finally makes an appearance on this volume. 'Just Like the Rest of Us' is a sensitive portrayal of people with disabilities and how we would all like to be treated."

Will be available from BFI at the usual £19.95 etc.

John Webb
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Right, I've now received my Volume 9 set. Contents and comments:
Disc 1
Berth 24 - 1950 (B/W) - first complete in house BTF Film. Shows how a ship is booked into Alexander Dock at Hull, unloaded and reloaded. Railway items incidental - but excellent detail for those modelling a dockside and/or wagon loads.

Peak District - 1954 (colour) -A look at visitors from the industrial conurbations around the Peak District. Mostly travel by coach but some trains. Good for vehicles, clothing and small village buildings of the day.

Train Driver - 1966 (colour) - short instructional film on the then new AC West Coast electrics. Has some views from the cab.

Give Your Car a Holiday - 1967 (colour) - The various Motorail services that then existed. Good for road vehicles of the day and also some of the fashions!

Just the Ticket - 1967 (colour) - variety of journeys made for pleasure and business. General view of the railways of the day with some interesting detail at stations.

England's North Country - 1978 (colour) - looking at the Lake District, Border country and Yorkshire. Railways are the main means of transport. Short session on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

Disc 2
Away for the day - 1952 (colour) - A variety of coach trips around the country - no railway items.

They had an idea - 1953 (B/W) - Very interesting look inside BR and LT's workshops and some of the ideas put forward by staff to improve working practices.

Manhandling - 1962 (B/W) - Introduction to sensible manual handling enlivened by the use of 'a young weight-lifting woman' and the song "It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it". Good detail of goods sheds and the small items traffic of the day.

Lost, Stolen, Damaged - 1964 (B/W) - A film for employees explaining why goods in transit need to be handled to minimise theft, damage or mislaying to their and BR's benefit. Like the previous film much interesting detail about goods being carried at the time, handling methods, road vehicles and the larger goods depots.

Go as You Please in Britain - 1975 (colour) - a look at various trips by train in the UK including day-trips and the use of rover tickets. Includes a 'train-spotter' visiting various places including a couple of the Welsh narrow-gauge lines.

It takes All Sorts - 1978 (colour) - Film for station staff explaining why passengers can be rude and how the behaviour of staff can influence them for better or worse and encourage or deter the passengers from using the railways again. Mostly filmed at Marylebone Station.

Just Like the Rest of Us - 1983 (colour) - film for railway staff looking at the needs of disabled passengers and the way BR was trying to improve access for them and how a little help will often go a long way in improving journeys for the disabled.

Overall - interesting mix although not quite enough films looking directly at the railway for my liking.

John Webb
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