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The Vulcan Skyliners was one of the major steamers which was extensively used by the TCDD, total of 88 was ordered from the USA from Vulcan Iron works.

Couple of pictures below:

Unfortunately no model of it is available.

Now, I am thinking out loud. Can a model of it be done?

First thing that comes to my mind is to use the chassis of either a Roco or Fleischmann Br50 loco than gradually move on with Evergreen styrene sheets. The 2-10-0 wheel arangement is exactly the same.

Problem arises with the tender trucks.

Any ideas from you all of how to deal with this project is more than welcome.

Specially from Peter.


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QUOTE (ebaykal @ 4 Jun 2008, 16:36) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

That tender underframe reminds me of one of the French (SNCF) pacifics, I wouldn't like to say which one though.

Any help?


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QUOTE (BRITHO @ 4 Jun 2008, 15:49) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>That tender underframe reminds me of one of the French (SNCF) pacifics, I wouldn't like to say which one though.
The French connection: I think it is the same style trucks that were used on the US built 141R's supplied to get the SNCF back on it's feet post WWII. But wait, there's more, during WW1 US loco builders turned out a 2-10-0 to the order of the Imperial Russian goverment, and the tender on this class ('Ye' under the Soviets) looks very similar altogether. During WWII another 2,000 were supplied to the Soviet Union to the same design to support the war effort. Could this 2-10-0 be a modernised version of the Russian export 2-10-0 I wonder? A bunch of the WW1 batch of 2-10-0's stayed in the USA following the Communist revolution, and there's a model from Bachmann:

The top of the tender body on this model isn't quite the same as those that went into Russian service, which had higher curved over sides to the coal space very like the Turkish tender, but I cannot quickly find an online picture to illustrate this.
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