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A friend of mine is after a large scale live steam loco for his back garden that he can drive/control from the cab whilst riding saddle style. It has to be British outline and preferably green.

These are normally 5" gauge or larger. If any member knows of anybody who is looking to dispose of such a loco and appropriate coaches/wagons and track then please send me a personal message and I will pass the info on. Its very likely that model engineering clubs are the best source for such a loco.

I have been promised a go when its all set up in his back garden so you will all understand that I would like to help him find something suitable!

Happy modelling

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Could be better to aim at 3.5 inch gauge (3/4 in to 1 ft scale) as this can fit into smaller spaces but is still big enough for riding behind. I strongly recommend trying to get a copy of "Outdoor Model Railways" by Martin Evens, published in 1970 by MAP. There is considerable detail on elevated track construction. (There may even be a more recent version available.)
'Model Engineer' and other similar mags often have locos for sale in their classified adverts and are therefore worth looking at. Or get in contact with the nearest Model Engineering society - again there may be members with locos to sell.

John Webb
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