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Today I visited the Waverley model rail show in Wantirna. The show had a wide variety of gauges and prototypes including Australian, UK, USA, Japan and German. Here are some photos. I have done some of the larger ones as thumbnails as they were too big for the format. I guessed that not many people outside Australia have seen Australian layouts so I thought these would be of interest.


this one has been in Feb 2006 Continental Modeller. It's fantastic.

The layout operates on several levels and includes two underground lines.

Cannibal Creek is completely scratch built and is a gold panning setting

The Art of Diorama

Hand built models and structures


an HO scale Victorian based railway and is featured in the current Australian Model Rail magazine

Crich Tramway Village

This is a model of a the National Tramway Museum in Crich Derbyshire. It is completely scrath built and is accurate. My father in law originally comes from round there and has been to the museum and was with me at the rail show time to verify this is authentic!


3 rail live and kicking even at the far ends of the earth.

Victoria Bridge

Local Victorian scene

Interesting use of wool fleece as grassland

Some Victorian trains at a turntable

Twin Peaks

N scale

This one is for sale if anyones interested?

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QUOTE Looks like a lot of variety.

Yes there's a bit of everything there. I guess thats the result of having a multi national population.

I was interested to see the Japanese layout. I hadn't actually seen one before and this was very good. It even had the scale speed of the locos on a digital readout.
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