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I have never been to Warley, this year was my first outing and I thought it was excellent!

Ok the lighting was a bit crap, but the organizers can't be held responsible for the NEC's lighting preference.

The reason for this post is the utter amazement I have looking and reading posts on another forum where so many people have done nothing but complain at how bad the whole show was and also some of the layouts!!!!

Now if you dig a little bit deeper some, but not all of these posters don't even have a layout of their own!!

This to me is just shocking, All of the layouts I saw, I thought excellent, I wish my modeling skills were up to the standard of the so called 'very poor' ones. This comment was made by a poster on another forum not by me, I didn't see a 'very poor' layout!!

I do hope the exhibitors don't just throw the towel in and say stuff it not doing any more!!
If I had taken that much time and effort into building a layout for an exhibition to have have all the so called perfectionists and dare I say it 'rivet counters' slate it then I would have to seriously think about not doing another show!

For all those who have done nothing but complain at how poor the show was, then put on a show yourself that size with your own PERFECT layout and make the show 'better' before starting with the complaints and layout trashing!

It really is amazing how other modelers can slate other layouts for errors, such as wrong rolling stock with wrong locos etc, etc.

It's a hobby that should be fun, or is this not allowed anymore unless everything we do has to be 100% accurate and perfect with no exception?

If this is the case I may as well pack it all in now as my layouts will never be any where close to perfect or 'correct' prototypically. As for rolling layout run anything I like!!!

For all those who did take the time and effort to build the layouts and spend 2 days exhibiting them good on ya and don't let the moaning git's put you off!

Some of us really do appreciate all the hard work and time that has been put in to put on a exhibition like Warley, and I wouldn't know if the wrong coaches were being pulled by the wrong locomotive anyway and to be honest I wouldn't careless!!

Rant over, it just really does annoy me that people can complain when they have nothing themselves to show and are never likely to!

1 - 2 of 47 Posts
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