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Triang TT layout and exhibit. All very nice. I made an offer for the gold set but it was not for sale at any price! I spent a good half hour chatting. Some of the French Triang TT items are very rare indeed!

Bassett-Lowke at the show. They has a nice A3 loco running in full steam:-

Hornby O gauge giant show layout. Spent some time chatting here also! The track is made by an Australian company who make large radious curves and other items that Hornby never produced themselves. A very popular stand with show visitors with the ones I was chatting to reminiscing of times when they had large Hornby layouts on their floors:-

Happy modelling

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QUOTE (Gary @ 4 Dec 2007, 10:35) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Triang TT layout and exhibit. Some of the French Triang TT items are very rare indeed!

Indeed they are, at our local show a few days ago I was talking to the guy next to me who is a TT collector and had a couple of French items for sale, one the water tower was up for £200.00. He would certainly like to get his hands on more of the continental stuff.

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