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With 10 days to go, are we going to have a meet up again this year?

I am going both days with me brother (like last year)

CME Milldale
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I am on a bit of a budget so i am only going to go on the sunday this year.

but i would be happy to meet up.

My shoping list just keeps growing and growing.......wheels.....motors.....gears.....paint.......
how about at the front of the loco at 2pm.

hello there

no problem at all. evryone is welcome.
I suspect there will be about 10 of us. that has been the case for the last couple of years. its nice to have a group picture to put faces to names.

Mrs mardon37s would be very welcome.

I will try and bring one of the models from my bench with me.

i think we met at 1pm last year but RMweb have got that slot! i actually dont mind that though as i am not sure what time i will get there.

if you are going by train do take a moment to check the disruption. the WCML is (how can i put this?) screwed.
chiltern are running to moor street but you might have to get a bus from there to the NEC.

i am getting visions of queues of truly biblical proportions! 18,000 people visiting the show. lets say half go by car. 9,000 people all trying to get on a bus that runs evry half an hour!

check this out.

I am going by car on the sunday and i am hopeing my father will drop me somewhere on the chiltern line to get back to London.

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i am not sure the local trains will be running from new street.

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