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With 10 days to go, are we going to have a meet up again this year?

I am going both days with me brother (like last year)

CME Milldale
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yea a meet up should be arranged like last year, was nice to meet everyone
if i remeber it was the same time and place as last year
i knew it was one of them because my self and sean nearly forgot about it lol
im planning to go there on the train, as its only just up the road from me, but i will double check anyway
im getting it from melton to coleshill station and then by bus to birmingham internation(NEC) should take about 1hr 30 mins and the bus travel is only 20 mins
ill definately be there saturday but hopefully ill be there on sunday too
last year i think it was less organised as that. RMweb are there at 1pm and im not sure about others, but it was a case of 'hi are you on MRF' well thats how i went about it anyway lol
1 - 7 of 23 Posts
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