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Warning about models-offers from Bulgaria

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Dear forum members!

I am living in Austria and I want to send you an important information. Sorry about my English, my education-years at school are long ago, I am a retired railroader from the OeBB.

Well, the information I will give you is about crime activities of a Bulgarian man called Boicho Balimezov. He answers to search-postings in European model forums, offers seached models and after the bank-transfer to the Cemtral Cooperative Bahn Sofia, you never hear from him. He does not answer questions any more. If you take another email-account and ask him for seached models, you get answers within a few hours.
Mr. Balimezow is working in that way since autumn 2008. Meanwhile, I found modelers in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France and Austia, who became victims of Mr. Balimezow.
If there are victims in GB too, pleace contact me. I want to collect victims as much as possible for next steps to the Austrian and Bulgarian justice. I also hope for help by honest Bulgarian Modelers to finish this way of crime deals of Mr. Balimezov.

Victims, please inform also the bank of Mr.Balimezov:
Mrs.Angel Yakimov
Division Front Office
"Central Cooperative Bank" PLC
103 Rakovski Street
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
[email protected]

By international solidarity of modelers (victims) it must be possible to catch this crime!

Best regards from Austria
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Thankyou for the info. dont worry about your english (there are english people who are far worse!).

There is a huge ammount of goodwill in this industry but it does sometimes get abused.

Hi Montan.

Welcome to the MRF and thank you for the warning.

I use eBay when searching for items and always look to see what the supplier's Customer Rating is before making any offer. I will, however, watch carefully for any sign of Mr. Balimezow and avoid any dealings with him.

Thanks again.
Thanks for the heads-up, Montan! On a wider point, the EU recently stopped a massive grant to Bulgaria, worth millions of Euros, precisely because the government hadn't cracked down on criminal activity, much of it allegedly emanating from Russian mafia gangs. Any of you who've been to the Black Sea tourist resorts will have seen the huge trade in fake goods.
I recently went to the opening of a very prestigious apartment building here in Dubai. The sheer size and luxury of the apartments defies description but, when I was talking to the developer, he revealed that a lot of the buyers were requesting extras. It turned out that the main extras being requested were bullet-proof glass and doors.

And the buyers ?? - Yes you guessed it - Russian.

Need I say more ??
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