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The water column by Hornby that comes in the R574 Trackside accessories kit (Page 155 of the 2007 catalogue) looks very close to GWR style water columns as illustrated in Chris Leigh's "A Railway Modeller's Picture Library" (Ian Allan 1995). It might be worth popping into your local shop and taking a look.
The same column together with a Water Tower (tank building) form R8003 - page 153 of the 2007 catalogue - and column and water tower are also part of a 'Thomas Building Extension Pack B' (R9082) shown on page 170.

Langley Models could be worth looking at - I'm sure I've seen water columns on their stand at various exhibitions.

Visits to swap-meets etc. may also locate second-hand water columns on their own at a significantly lower price than buying brand-new.
Hope this is of help.
John Webb
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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