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Weather, Clothing & Camping

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Despite the current feature freeze before release, i think the aforementioned three mechanics would highly benefit MO2's launch considering its current state and where its lacking. What i suggest is a basic form of all three mechanics that should be relatively easy to implement and could be expanded on later when the development can afford to spend more time and resources on it.
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The weather should not affect players by direct damage of any sort at first, but rather affect the existing Reserves mechanics in a simple and straightforward manner. A division into 3 categories would cut it: Clear, Mild, Harsh.

  • Clear (~18-25 degrees celsius): Clear, calm weather of comfortable temperatures. No effect.
  • Mild (below 18 or above 25c): Mild cold or heat. none-lethal but serves as a hindrance. Slowly drains stamina reserves.
  • Harsh (below 0 or above 40c): Harsh cold or heat. potentially lethal and requires relatively quick action. Drains stamina and health reserves.
Both mild and harsh weather conditions' negative effects can be addressed with the use of clothing & camping described below.

Eventually tied into the Tailor profession, clothing should have 2 main functions with the third being cosmetic. It's main functions are either providing warmth/protection from the sun and potentially also offering additional storage slots, in a similar fashion to bags in the inventory.

  • Warm clothes: To address the two levels of weather conditions, two levels of warmth should be provided by clothes which should almost mitigate the effects of mild & harsh conditions, but not entirely.
  • Sun protecting clothes: As with warm clothes, sun protection clothes help to mitigate most but not all effects of extreme heat.
  • Nice to have: Pockets, pouches and bags. Pockets can be added to certain clothes, offering more storage capacity.
To begin with, camps should offer shelter and cooking while travelling. shelter reduces the effects of mild or harsh weather and the cooking station would allow players to address already lost reserves, be it stamina or health.

  • Camps should come in two levels to address the two levels of weather conditions by providing shelter.
  • Once placed, camps deteriorate and despawn after a relatively short period of time unless actively maintained with materials.
  • Nice to have: Campfires raise smoke which could be rendered from a distance, presenting an additional risk of being preyed upon by criminals and murderers who can spot the smoke from a distance.

That's it. All three systems could be heavily expanded and made more complex, but my goal was to offer something relatively simple that would tie into existing mechanics.
Would love to hear your thoughts; if you like or dislike it if you have any suggestions and where you think should this stand on the current priority list.
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I think the Original Poster has misunderstood what the purpose of this forum is!
...Or have I misunderstood the post?...
And in addition to John's observation, it's all virtual, rather than anything to do with being outdoors. None of the reality of overflowing latrines with no water supply, and the drunks on the next pitch alternately singing and chucking up all night.
You wanna make it like in real life, my friend. That's a lot of changes which you wanna implement, but you have to take in consideration that it will completely change the game, it will be a totally different game. But it would be cool to have all these effects in the game, I am a big fan of camping and I practice it very often. Even during the winter, going for a camping is very relaxing and refreshing, but it's very important to have the right camping clothes, to avoid getting cold during the negative temperatures outside.
You have a rather unusual idea of camping. It sounds more like an unattainable dream than a perfect camping trip. I think each of us has been to the countryside at least once and knows what it is. And if there are those who never once felt this pleasure. The last time my girlfriend and I were out in nature, we only needed a flashlight, and we bought it online at And this flashlight was really good. But it didn't save our camping trip. We got caught in the rain before we could set up camp. We got completely soaked. We couldn't find a place for a campfire and just kept warm from each other all night under a huge pine tree. It was horrible.
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